Nintendo Fans Have Waited Too Long To Play The Batman Arkham Trilogy On Switch

It may have been over a decade since Batman: Arkham Asylum's release, but fans are thrilled to hear of the Arkham Trilogy's upcoming Switch Release.

z2g297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

If you wanna play 3rd party multiplatform games and you have a switch, you purchased the wrong machine.

__SteakDeck__297d ago

Exactly. Nintendo fans had years to play this. If they haven’t played it by now it’s because they never cared.


Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Switch pays tribute to Kevin Conroy

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Knightofelemia138d ago

Best Batman is Conroy. I regret I will miss Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime if that day ever comes I hope it never comes.

CobraKai138d ago

Me too. His Batman was a game changer as much as Keaton’s was. Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime and when he passes, so to will the Optimus Prime everyone knows and loves

meganick138d ago

Worst version of Arkham Knight? Yes, easily. Worst version of Asylum and City? Debatable, but probably not the worst versions.

meganick138d ago

Edit: original headline described this as the worst version of the trilogy. Apparently they changed it because of my comment. Such is my power and influence.


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