Report: Batman: Arkham Trilogy Experiencing Significant Performance Issues on Nintendo Switch

The recent release of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch has received mixed reactions from gamers.

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Double_O_Revan144d ago


There shouldn't be any more collections of PS3/360 games until the next gen Switch. They proved long ago it wasn't quite capable of handling them. Between the required downloads because the carts couldn't handle the sizes and heavily downgraded visuals, the sacrifice to play on the go just wasn't worth it.

I really wonder if we'll see several of these collections and ports get re-released.

Vits144d ago

To be fair. Arkham City had a Wii U version as well, which also had performance issues. So this might just be an accurate port of that version. /s

In all seriousness. If people don't stop buying those collections and ports for the Switch, the publishers will not stop making them. Costs are probably minimal and the return is definitely enough to justify it.

Zeldafan64143d ago

Arkham City on the Wii U only had minor performance issues.

just_looken143d ago

Well are we not going to talk about the pc port or just in general arkham knight that was a beast to run at the time loved the game on ps4 it ran well and all that but no way could the switch handle it without issues.

VincentVanBro144d ago

Yikes, Arkham Knight looks practically next gen on Steam Deck OLED. Can't wait for the next Switch.

MehmetAlperTR144d ago

Switch is for first party games ... not third party.

Games1st143d ago

Should've made it for next gen.

badz149143d ago

but you can already play these games on the PS5 and Series X, right?

mkis007143d ago

yes. I was hoping they would upgrade at least Arkham Knight with that RTX Nvidia leak. So far what have work well enough, but a full on remaster for current gen would be great.

badz149143d ago


come on, man. one second, many here are blaming Sony for doing remasters. but now, you're asking for one? where do we draw the line on remasters?

SonOfOsiris143d ago

Playing Arkham Asylum, very good port better than old PS, I will see when I come to the Cityt

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Knightofelemia138d ago

Best Batman is Conroy. I regret I will miss Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime if that day ever comes I hope it never comes.

CobraKai138d ago

Me too. His Batman was a game changer as much as Keaton’s was. Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime and when he passes, so to will the Optimus Prime everyone knows and loves

meganick138d ago

Worst version of Arkham Knight? Yes, easily. Worst version of Asylum and City? Debatable, but probably not the worst versions.

meganick138d ago

Edit: original headline described this as the worst version of the trilogy. Apparently they changed it because of my comment. Such is my power and influence.


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