AMD is Starfield’s Exclusive PC Partner

AMD is proud to announce that we are Bethesda's exclusive PC partner for the next-generation role-playing game, Starfield.

Flawlessmic331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Well that is super fucking disappointing news.

It's like Bethesda don't want us to enjoy this game fully one way or the other on xbox it's 30 fps and on pc they have partnered with the much inferior amd and there upscaling technology, bit of bummer there no ray tracing either on the pc side.

No dlss support at all or frame generation, what a terrible call.

This was the game I was most looking forward to playing on my new pc, thanks for nothing amd with your bullshit partnership rules.

Goosejuice331d ago

Fsr will be there...while not as good as dlss 3 it's still a decent option as long as it's 2.0 or higher. Also amd currently has the better gaming cpu with the x3d chips. Maybe ur talking about nvidia and even then unless u have a 4090 amd has the equivalent to nivida in performance.

JEECE331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

The problem is that they are declining to support both technologies (FSR and DLSS) simply because the company with the inferior system paid them to not support the superior tech. I'm glad FSR exists; it's great for non-RTX cards, consoles, and Steam Deck, but I don't want its existence to preclude my use of DLSS. Very disappointing. Here's hoping someone gets a DLSS mod going pretty quickly.

JEECE331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Yeah this is massively disappointing. DLSS is such a good technology, unlike most gimmicks companies try to push. I understand FSR is available to a wider range of GPUs, but the game could have supported both technologies. It's frustrating to see Bethesda choose to exclude one tech and prevent a group of gamers from having the best experience simply because a company with inferior tech paid them off.

I guess mods may eventually fix this though.

Goosejuice331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

That's understandable from a dlss stand point, and I agree it should have both techs to use. With that said...the modding community for Bethesda games is some if not the best. Dlss will be added by modders I'm guessing within first week or 2 and at same time fixing all the bugs the game ships with.

dumahim331d ago

Funny. DF was just talking about this on their direct yesterday.

iNcRiMiNaTi331d ago

There's a chance that it might still have DLSS. Forspoken, RE4 and The last of us are 3 games I can think of off the top of my head that were AMD sponsored but still had DLSS as well. Don't think it'll have frame gen though which sucks because I wanted to try it out on this game

Sonic1881330d ago

What a dumb move. Is this the first time AMD has done this 🤔

Flawlessmic330d ago

i only just started gaming on pc, but after reading some other new outlets about this it is a practice AMD has been doing with all there sponsored titles so no its not the firs time

Sonic1881330d ago

When you said "No dlss support" I cringe 😬 HARD. I'm very upset about this news.

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Psychonaut85331d ago

Well that sucks. No DLSS then. Lamé.

Good-Smurf331d ago

So no DLSS on my Nvidia setup then?

Sonic1881331d ago

You gotta be kidding me. I am disappointed in this news. I have an intel CPU and Nvidia RTX 4090

Fishy Fingers331d ago


I wouldnt usually entertain it but based on your comment history with it's total lack of any interest/entusiasm for anything that isnt a PS5 I find that highly unlikely.

Sonic1881331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Maybe you should keep digging in my comment history. I've mention I'm a PC gamer first before a console owner plenty of times. You just assume when you don't $hit about me 😂 My favorite game is the Witcher series and that wasn't even on consoles the first time it came out

Fishy Fingers331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Which account did you mention that on? Its hard to keep track.

Sonic1881331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Whatever floats your boat 😂

LordoftheCritics331d ago

This is worse than the 30fps news.

Sonic1881330d ago

It's hard to believe. This is a first

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Wow.... two of my earliest gaming platforms. All they need is Coleco to round things out.

This is like Nintendo buying SEGA.

OtterX8h ago

YES! Colecovision was my start! I came to know Mario there in Donkey Kong before the NES was even a thing. :)

Golfcoachh5h ago

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Kratos_Kart20075h ago

Yes...a gamer from my era...LMAO

Coleco was good...LOL