Batman Arkham Trilogy For Switch Only Includes One Title On The Game Cartridge

You'll have to download Arkham City & Knight

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Auron304d ago

That sucks. I hope MGS doesnt do this..

Double_O_Revan304d ago

According to the listing for MGS, there's only 2.4gb of data on the cartridge. Another 24gb will need to be downloaded. So, practically nothing is on the cart for MGS.

shinoff2183303d ago

It will more then likely. This isn't the first game to do this right. Wasn't there a resident evil?


This is actually a relief. I assumed Arkham Knight would only be possible on Switch via cloud.

Number1TailzFan304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Nintendo screwing people over due to lack of space, wonder how they'll gimp their next machine to piss people off.

Becuzisaid304d ago

Not being backwards compatible with switch games would be a start. And/or not having the ability to access digital games from your account.

CDbiggen304d ago

No backwards compatibility would be the biggest dick move. They have a good track record for not doing that, but could still happen.

Double_O_Revan304d ago

It's not even a lack of space. They have cartridges that hold 32 and even 64gb of data. This is just dumb. The MGS collection is doing the same. There's almost nothing on the cart.

PhillyDillyDee304d ago

I couldve guessed that. Now im waiting to see the total file size before i decide if ill be purchasing these again.

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Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Switch pays tribute to Kevin Conroy

Fans have spotted a tribute to Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy in the Arkham Trilogy on Switch.

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Knightofelemia138d ago

Best Batman is Conroy. I regret I will miss Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime if that day ever comes I hope it never comes.

CobraKai138d ago

Me too. His Batman was a game changer as much as Keaton’s was. Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime and when he passes, so to will the Optimus Prime everyone knows and loves

meganick138d ago

Worst version of Arkham Knight? Yes, easily. Worst version of Asylum and City? Debatable, but probably not the worst versions.