Batman: Arkham Trilogy - Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Batman: Arkham Trilogy is releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch in fall 2023!

RaidenBlack302d ago

dayyuum ... how'd they manage to run Arkham Knight on Switch?

darthv72301d ago

Switch is just below the performance level of the og VCR abox one, and AK ran on that so they will likely make all the same changes they needed to to get Witcher 3 running on it.

RaidenBlack301d ago

Switch is a 0.4TF handheld console (0.5TF when docked) compared to 1.3TF of Xbox One.
Xbox One/PS4 games run at a significantly lower graphics settings on the Switch.
And we're talking Arkham Knight here, still one of the best looking game ever made.
But if they can manage to run Witcher 3 on Switch albeit in a significantly lower graphics settings, then I guess AK can run as well.

Lexreborn2301d ago

I have to see how arkham knight performs on switch. It barely plays well on XBone and PS4, and I highly doubt the trailer is reflective of in game switch. It actually looked wildly different as if they just stitched older trailers together.

darthv72301d ago

i know this is a long shot but I really hope during this port process that rocksteady also addresses performance of the same games on series x and ps5. Id love to play all three in 60fps mode.

walken7301d ago

Let me guess, Asylum on the cartridge, then the other two as downloads. :(

Rebel_Scum301d ago

It's a shame Origins always gets ignored from the Arkham collections.


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Knightofelemia133d ago

Best Batman is Conroy. I regret I will miss Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime if that day ever comes I hope it never comes.

CobraKai133d ago

Me too. His Batman was a game changer as much as Keaton’s was. Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime and when he passes, so to will the Optimus Prime everyone knows and loves

meganick133d ago

Worst version of Arkham Knight? Yes, easily. Worst version of Asylum and City? Debatable, but probably not the worst versions.

meganick132d ago

Edit: original headline described this as the worst version of the trilogy. Apparently they changed it because of my comment. Such is my power and influence.


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