Phil Spencer, Jim Ryan, Bobby Kotick & More Will Testify at FTC vs Microsoft & Activision Hearing

The endless saga of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft will see its climax with an all-star cast including Phil Spencer, Jim Ryan, Bobby Kotick, Satya Nadella, Sarah Bond, and More. Executives from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and more will testify in the Microsoft vs FTC hearing.

Today the court has published the full list of witnesses and the reasons why each has been summoned.

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Magog166d ago

Diablo 5 console exclusive premiere! Now with 10 times the microtransactions!

jznrpg165d ago

Don’t forget 30$ Skins are now 100$ !

italiangamer166d ago

Special referee: the rattle snake STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!!

NotoriousWhiz166d ago

*duuuuuuum* time to play the game
*duuuuuuum* time to play the gaaaaaaaaaame

Redgrave166d ago

*pulls off bench wig* IT WAS ME AUSTIN!

JR: aw sonofabitch

Yui_Suzumiya165d ago

It's gonna be a slobberknocker!

TheColbertinator166d ago

Perfect opportunity to gather them up and toss them into a Rancor pit

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