Avowed Isn't In Alpha Yet, Graphics Will Be "Refined"

Don't be too worried about Avowed's graphics.

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Magog396d ago

That's what they said about Craig. He still looked basically the same at launch.

just_looken396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Ah no that was a early build in alpha this is suppose to be not even there yet so in this case everything we saw on arrowed could be changed or thrown out.

This is more like that anthem e3 trailer.

Magog396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Makes sense. I've heard the way games are made is that they first make an entire set of assets for the trailer then they throw those out and remake the game from scratch in a year after getting player feedback.

just_looken396d ago


Back in the day they did that like the killzone 2 trailer

But today you never know so many games were just tossed out half done or rushed out.

RpgSama396d ago


LOL, You had to go all the way back to the launch of the PS3 in 2005 for that? LOLOLOLOL.

MadLad395d ago (Edited 395d ago )


I mean, Killzone 2 really was the poster child for the "bullshot" all the way back then.

MadLad395d ago

So far

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No rebuttal on explaining to me on how what I said is inaccurate in any way.

Wonder why I still keep saying that the voting system is pointless; pushes less conversation and more hive-minding. Fit in or get out lol.

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King_Noctis396d ago

Different studios. Obsidian is a veteran studio unlike 343.

Magog396d ago

Obsidian has multiple teams and this one is clearly out of it's depth.

MadLad395d ago


Based on the fact you don't like the visual style they went with?
Obsidian has a pretty solid record of making great games.

The closest thing to "bad" releases from them were Dungeon Siege 3 and Alpha Protocol, which now hold cult classic status for people because they actually tried doing very interesting things with those games and they were still fun. But, c'mon, Neverwinter Nights 2, Kotor 2, New Vegas, South Park, Pillars of Eternity, Outer Worlds, Grounded, Pentiment. They've been pretty damn consistent since their inception. So I'm not sure which nameless team of theirs are "clearly out of their depth" because, by most metrics, Obsidian puts out quality consistently. So this random team must have not worked on anything yet and was just handed the biggest release for the studio since New Vegas because the higher ups simply wanted to fail not only a big new IP for them, but also tarnish what they've done with Pillars of Eternity and its world.

InUrFoxHole395d ago

Lol let the guy be... He's trying a new line today. Out of their depth.... 🤣 🤣 🤣. You're basing this on you not digging the style?

Magog395d ago

They slapped a Mohawk on it and used a bullshot with overly dramatic lighting you won't see on the game.

Obscure_Observer395d ago

Pretty sure Awowed will look amazing on release.

It´s a true next gen AAA RPG game powered by UE5, I have faith in Obsidian to deliver something truly marvelous.

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purple101396d ago

So still another 3 years to wait then

luckytrouble395d ago

A AAA game that is still pre-alpha is not releasing after only a year of development lmao

--Onilink--395d ago

Pre-alpha doesn’t mean its not in development….

Even the simple term alpha is just a milestone OF DEVELOPMENT that they choose when it reaches. Same with Beta and Gold, they are not arbitrary numbers to signal how many years it has or has left, they are points in time a developer reachers a specific target that they had

Crows90395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Where'd they confirm that? Or is that just the release window? Which of course they never change those. lol
I am hoping for that release date though. Obsidian has always made great games.

Inverno396d ago

If that wasn't even alpha then why show it?

RupeeHoarder396d ago

desperate for game reels. Something Sony has been avoiding lately.

__SteakDeck__395d ago

@RupeeHoarder Yeah MS is desperate to show people that they have games now. Phil Spencer did the opposite of what he said in 2017. “ We don’t want to show a trailer for things that are 2-3 years away”. https://www.dualshockers.co... They have been showing games too early since 2019, when they showed Hellblade. Then they did it again in 2020, when they showed CGI trailers of Fable, Avowed, and SOD3. Sony doesn’t have to do this, because they’ve earned the public’s trust of consistently releasing great AAA games over the past decade. So Sony can afford to be more patient.

MadLad395d ago (Edited 395d ago )


I judge people/companies on the what they're doing in the here and now.
I'm excited for a lot of the games I know is coming from Microsoft Game Studios.

I'm waiting to see what Sony looks like going forward, knowing that they're now focusing more of their workforce and overall development budget towards live service titles than the ones that made people trust Sony in the first place.

Cockney395d ago

@madlad "I judge people/companies on the what they're doing in the here and now.
I'm excited for a lot of the games I know is coming from Microsoft Game Studios"

__SteakDeck__395d ago

@MadLad “knowing that they're now focusing more of their workforce and overall development budget towards live service titles than the ones that made people trust Sony in the first place”. That’s a lie! Yes Sony is focusing on Live service, but most of their workforce is not going towards that. Sony has many single player games in development through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party partnership. They just haven’t revealed them yet.

MadLad395d ago (Edited 395d ago )


Double post

MadLad395d ago


Yeah. I'm interested in a number of the titles that Microsoft are known to be working on. I guess I should throw that to the side and just get excited for a small few of the things that Sony is working on, then pray I love each and every live service title that Sony is working on; spending 60% of their overall budget for games that typically nickel and dime you just to enjoy.
Naughty Dog can't even successfully meet the greedy standards of both Bungie and Sony, apparently, to actually bring to market a rehashing of a multiplayer mode of a game that came out during the PS3 days.


Me - "They're focusing the majority of their people and budget to live service"

You - "That's a lie ... but also they're focusing on live service".

Do I need to explain here lol? They are focusing the majority of their budget to live service games. The vast majority of their development budget goes to funding the development teams, and then the marketing for them.
If only 40% of your budget is being used for things outside of live service development and costs, that means 40% of your budget is being used towards anything that isn't a live service. That literally means there has to be more people working on these live services than not, and more of the marketing budget is being used for these type of games than not.

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King_Noctis396d ago

Why wouldn’t they show it? The game was announced years ago.

FlavorLav01395d ago

Precisely, yet why is the game still in a pre-alpha state after being shown off years ago at this point and still looking like weak sauce is more so the question?…This along with hellblade, fable, perfect dark and Everwild all wreak of development hell thus far with no substantial gameplay or set in stone release dates seen from any of those titles. Redfall was complete trash and Starfield is a snooze fest stuck at 30fps on the worlds most powerful console. If it wasn’t for marketing I don’t know how Xbox would still have a division at this point.

King_Noctis395d ago


Development hell? Lol what? Hellblade and Fable literally just got shown during the last MS’ showcase. Using your logic, are games like The Last of Us Faction, Fairgame$, and Marathon in development hell because they don’t have gameplay and release date yet?

And Awoved being pre-alpha does not mean it is far from complete. It is already set to come out next year. And as for your other points? Smh.