Star Wars Outlaws gameplay gives Uncharted vibes, and not a lightsaber in sight

The Ubisoft Forward gave us our first look Star Wars Outlaws gameplay, just under 24 hours removed from the game's surprise reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase.

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got_dam367d ago

This sounds a lot like the game EA canceled a whole back that Amy hennig was running.

bangoskank367d ago

Looking good. Definitely interested in this. We've already got a Jedi game. No lightsabers needed here.

ZeekQuattro367d ago

Star Wars 1313 is born anew. Looks good so far. Glad we're back at a time where we have a variety of new Star Wars games to play.

Dandizzle367d ago

1313 was going to be so much better, you start off as a smuggler and you end up becoming Jengo Fett.
1313 = Outlaws
is the same as comparing Empire
Strikes Back = Force Awakens

I honestly was underwhelmed by what they showed.

nmbr1esq367d ago

Blech, could have been so much better...

-Foxtrot367d ago

I think it looks promising so far but it's Ubisoft so I'm keeping my expectations in check.

Neonridr367d ago

as with any Ubisoft game, first reveals are always going to be taken with a huge grain of salt nowadays.

mike32UK367d ago

Yeah, "ubisoft original" really isn't the flex they think it is.

-Foxtrot367d ago

If it had to take them 9 studios and a massive brand like Star Wars to get people interested in one of their games again I think they need to fix their internal image problem them just rely on this in the future

If this does well it will literally be "Star Wars, Star Wars and more Star Wars" like Assassins Creed

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YourMommySpoils1d 19h ago

Making a game that's outdated going by the hands on Summer Fest demo.


Star Wars Outlaws can be finished in 30 hours, says creative director

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