Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Unleashed and Features Combat, Speeder Bikes and More

Massive has revealed 10 minutes of Star Wars Outlaws gameplay where we see combat, speeder bikes in action and a whole lot more.

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RaidenBlack370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

They showed seamless space travel from the surface of the planet ... a knock on Starfield.

outsider1624369d ago

So there's loading when you travel planet to space and back?

chrisx370d ago

It looks too good to be true, by Ubisoft. Getting watch dogs 1 trailer and final game downgrade vibes. But I wish to be proved wrong and the actual game is as good as this.

excaliburps370d ago

Snowdrop Engine is ace though. If you played The Div games, Massive is a good developer. I mean, it wasn't as good as the early concepts if I remember correctly but it still looked great.

RiseNShine370d ago

You don't have to look that far, just compare Avatar tech demo from last year and what they showed today, you can't trust Ubisoft demos.

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ElendilsSorrow369d ago

Avatar demo didn't even show any non A to B gameplay footage so this criticism is just weird. Graphically both the tech showcase and premiere trailer look the same, ignoring the fact you can't judge graphics off a compressed YouTube video lol.

blackblades370d ago

Yeah it looks good, I'm not a star wars person. I honestly dont want nothing to do with it but this game looks good as well as those Jedi survivors gameplay looks like my type of gameplay. Also from Ubisoft the PoP sidescroller and AC mirage looks good this time around. Might have to try it with AC2 being my last AC game.

REDGUM369d ago

Super impressive, the attention to the details in the gameplay looks sweet.

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anast2d ago

I heard this game might actually be decent. Too bad the pricing is absurd.

ElaBosak1d 22h ago

Isn't it priced as any other AAA title? $70?

anast1d 4h ago

It's around 100 for the complete game. They locked a mission behind a paywall.


I'm not sure how being compared to Uncharted could be viewed as a bad thing... unless they literally mean Uncharted, as in the first one, with its less than stellar grenade controls.

toxic-inferno2d ago

Yes, the grenade controls in the first game were disappointing. This was back when all first party PlayStation games were made to use the features of the Sixaxis controller.

Sony still tend to do this, but it's a little more subtle these days, and developers tend to come up with better solutions.

INMATEofARKHAM1d 23h ago

Yeah, UC2 and on actually had some of the best grenade controls in gaming.

ElaBosak1d 22h ago

Lmao at "journalists" pretending that Uncharted is a negative. Those people just want more souls-like shit gameplay. I'm glad this game is more like Uncharted than shit-souls.