Xbox needs to win back its fans with Starfield

Lex wrote: "Today's Starfield Direct gave us a better look at Bethesda Game Studios' upcoming galaxy adventure. It's impressive. The successful formula of Fallout and Skyrim is felt throughout the entire presentation, and I am indeed excited to get my hands on Starfield when it comes out later this year on September 6, 2023. However, the high level of skepticism lingers around my head as recent Xbox first-party game quality has unfortunately plummeted."

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darkrider399d ago

It won't. First it not the type of game that Microsoft gamers want, then there already the framesgate. 30 frames is ridiculous. It's the most talk topic about the show. After redfall, another game that cant do 60 frames.

Microsoft games are much better played on pc. Their consoles are getting pointless.

No men sky type of games are not what casuals play. This is a niche game.

sparky77399d ago

The only ones complaining about FPS are the gamers who won't be able to play the game, so try again :)

Julion0715399d ago

Exactly they stay in every Xbox article telling us what we want smh always with the doom and gloom bye darkDrider

iivGHOST399d ago

I mean thats not true im able to play it and right now its my biggest complaint. 30 fps just gives me headaches now

PapaBop398d ago

Well I have a high end PC so will likely be playing the game but there is absolutely no excuse for games to launch in 2023 without a 60 FPS mode. That should be a standard by now. I'd counter your point that no true gamers would happily accept a sub par optimised title.

Terry_B398d ago

So you don't see a ton of complaints about it on xbox sites, right?

AdamHowlett398d ago

That's inaccurate. I was ready to buy a Series X for this game, but I'm not going to now due to the huge step back in framerate. There are plenty of current-gen open-world games running at 60fps, so this is really unacceptable with current hardware. I guess I'll give it a shot on PC.

Palitera398d ago

You're partially correct... Lots of people indeed won't be buying this discount bin game now.

Rude-ro398d ago

Xbox gamers have been making fun of Sony 30fps single player games the last two gens…
So you could not be more wrong.
In fact, probably why anyone does say that 30fps needs to go

Ps5conehead398d ago

Who want be able to play it if they want to. Either pc game pass are buy the pc game . What’s hard about that. You do not need a console to play it.

EvertonFC398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Matty from sacred symbols duke is playing Starfield on PC and NOT Xbox yet he is part of a Xbox channel. Yes it's still MS who gets his money but it speaks volumes most if not all YouTubers have already said there playing it on PC.
Sacred symbols have just literally done a "Xbox showcase was insane" video yet there all playing it on PC pmsl. So shouldn't that be "PC had a insane showcase"

GhostScholar398d ago

Glad someone said it. I knew this would happen, but it’s still funny to see how predictable these people are.

S2Killinit398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

It was a bit disappointing to be fair. It just didnt seem like anything different from what we’ve already played before. The 30 frames per second is also a bummer because for a game like this one, you really do need to hit closer to 60 imo.


12tf console is what xbots be bragging and the minute PlayStation release a game at 30fps it becomes the biggest joke, how the PS5 is 9tf no RDNA and now that the Xbox is releasing the 2nd exclusive at 30 fps xbots get mad saying that sh1t you talking 😂😂

mkis007398d ago

Ill be able to play it and i think the game looks pretty basic to not have a 60fps mode. I mean its a triple A no mans sky. Yes it has more but it also doesnt have space to land control.

Othegamer5398d ago

literally anything to throw salt on anything xbox. the gaming space is so weird now. i literally play horizon and spiderman at 30 fidelity mode and they are still great no problem with it. same as last of us.

ocelot07398d ago

But sparky77 dear boy. Are you not forgetting Xbox gamepass!!!! And power of the cloud!!!! Anyone that has a spare £3 and a phone/tablet/pc/smart TV can play it via Xbox gamepass cloud. Remember you don't need a Xbox to play starfield.

NoFanBoy398d ago

What? I always complain about ANY game running at 30fps, It's 2023 not 2003, I'll be playing it at 120fps unless it's hard capped at 60 on PC.
It's crap for people I know who only have consoles, 30fps for XS or PS5 means an instant skip, I'll play on PC wait for a remaster or use emulation.

4Sh0w398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

You definitely don't know what Xbox fans want. Outside of n4g almost every Xbox thread, poll, tweet, YouTube comments about what Bethesda showed for Starfield is overwhelmingly positive, even after 30fps news. I myself was a huge critic of what they had shown prior to this latest deep dive, the gameplay which was my biggest concern, but now everything looked much much better with better gunplay & more fluid animations, everything just looks overall alot more polished...so when you add to that the shear scale & ambition of what this game offers in space exploration & customization systems, yes while 60fps would be ideal for most xbox fans its not a deal breaker when there's so much more to this game on offer. I'm a Xbox first gamer but I don't just hype anything which is why I warned other Xbox fans for over a year that everything they showed for Redfall leading up to launch looked 'meh & generic, turns out it was worst & I trashed it at release for 60fps, really no excuse for that but this isn't Redfall, nor is it a racer those types of games feel noticeably different without 60fps, but this is a massive a rpg & if it feels as good as RedDeadR2 does on XSX & PS5 & then it will be a helluva experience. Actaully there are lots of great 30fps games & nobody cares if everything else about the game is great.

So finally after being down on Xbox for awhile I can finally say I'm truly hyped for Starfield.

Lastly, lol all the "Xbox last chance", "Xbox win back fans", are exaggerated click bait headlines, ha seriously I been hearing that for xbox every gen at some point, doom & gloom for ps too. You know what happens everytime, people just play whatever good they finally put out next. Now of course Xbox ain't gonna beat Sony in terms of console sales or whatever but "the fans" ain't going nowhere, those who play both will continue to play both, those diehards will continue to be, for every few who quit Xbox hundreds of new fans come online. 360 was Xbox best lineup, yet this gen Xbox revenue is already twice 360, Xbox will make 1 billion off pc alone this year -all confirmed by Phil. All the studios Xbox has now shows they will at least be in it for the long haul & as long as the potential is there for new games & experiences to be played none of the big 3 fanbases are going anywhere, market leader or not.

Pickledpepper398d ago

True gamer don't limit themselves to one brand and play game for enjoyment no matter the frame rate.
I still play on my zx spectrum and everything all the way to present day.
Rastan on the sega master system is still awesome even to this day

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KeyAppearance399d ago

out of curiosity what do Microsoft gamers want?

darkrider399d ago

Rpg never sold big on Microsoft machines that why beteshda games sell, 2, 3 4 times better on Sony machines. Shooters is what sold more on Microsoft consoles.

That's why all the critics about 3rd view games on. Sony machines.

VincentVanBro398d ago

@darkrider mass effect? Kotor? Morrowind? Fable? Are you shitting me rpgs don’t sell well on Xbox??? Lol! I own a ps5 and love it to death, but you look like a trailer park boy arguing Bud Light vs Miller Light lmao

Aloymetal398d ago

pew pew games and a GOW killer which is not gonna happen anytime soon.

Palitera398d ago

The big crowds? As a condition, the same as in every console:

Accessible, not cumbersome, buggy and poorly optimised games.

AmUnRa398d ago

I dont know anymore, but a lot of Xboxgamers are praising GP like the second coming of Christ, hey i dont care i can play all the xboxgames for "free" i'am not gonna pay $70 for a game....
That has and will have an impact on the games, thats for shure.

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thesoftware730399d ago

Good thing MS will get that PC starfield money as well, and regardless of your interpretation, SF will increase GP subs, even if temporarily. It's not all about Casuals, some hardcore gamers who don't currently sub to GP or own Xbox, will jump back in for this games...weather it's purchase or sub..MS gains.

MS is all about dem subs man.