[ASL] Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct

We’ve got a double feature for you! Join us for the Xbox Games Showcase, featuring new games from our incredibly talented internal studios and many creative partners from around the world, followed by Starfield Direct, a deep dive into the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda Game Studios!

Lightning77347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Keeping my expectations low. Idc if Greenberg is hyping it like crazy. They've done that before many time and failed. Of course I'm only speaking for myself. If they show me Avowed and Hell Blade 2 I'll be happy. Of course I wanna see more but those games are my highlights.

They should kick off the show with Hell Blade 2 right off the bat imo. Set the tone early.

Let's see what you got Xbox.

DickyD1226347d ago

Avowed didn't look as good as I hoped it would.

Lightning77347d ago

I agree, the action looks fun but graphically was a miss imo.

jjb1981347d ago

It looks fun but the graphics say mobile device.

Sonic1881347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Is it just me but Starfield still reminds me of No man sky 🤔 the shooting mechanic still needs some work

Zombieburger638347d ago

The shooting isn’t getting any better.

Magic_Spatula346d ago

Definitely just seems like Fallout in Space with mechanics taken from No Man Sky.

maniacmayhem347d ago

The best part about this show is the level of quality games coming to Game Pass. Very impressive.

Was hoping to see something from The Coalition or State of Decay 3, but MS definitely showed more than enough from the studios they purchased.

Good show.

Lightning77347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I definitely agree.

I already knew we weren't gonna see anything from Coalition. That was a easy call. It's too early.

Again I agree though.

RedDevils346d ago

I'm probably the only one here, but I'm looking forward to those RPG from Atlus more.

Golfcoachh346d ago

Clockwork revolution looks like it could be pretty cool.. Overall I thought it was a good show, lots of games, and of course expansions, I think the Flight Sim expansion is cool along with the Dune stuff. I knew N4G would be full of people bagging on it, calling out what wasn't there, but we got to see a lot of stuff coming for gamepass that looks really cool. I am not gonna nitpick, I enjoyed and the future of gaming is still very bright unless you are a N4G baby like so many on here.

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outsider1624347d ago

Here we go boys!! Lets have a great show.

RaidenBlack347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Dayyuum ... Starfield seems sooo huge and looks very pretty too.
Was Not expecting to see Fable, let alone seeing mini-gameplay segment at the end ... the game is shaping up to be fantastic. Looks good.
Would like to know more about Compulsion's new game, South of Midnight
Was not expecting PayDay 3 to be there, but yea cool ...
Avowed just looks like more colorful Elder Scrolls, like the art-style as well.
inXile's new RPG Clockwork Revolution looks like Bioshock Infinite + Dishonored and that's just awesome
Senua II gameplay just looked like a movie ... no other way to put it.
Still Wakes The Deep looked pretty good but need to know more .. is it survival horror?
Phantom Liberty being next-gen only looks wayy better and likely to offer the true Cyberpunk experience
Surprised to see a new Capcom game at xbox showcase. Path of the Goddess has to be the most Japanese-esque game I've seen in a while.
Also surprised to see a new game from Studio Zero Team, Metaphor Re Fantazio.
Was expecting STALKER 2 though & something from MachineGames.

Sonic1881347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Looks good and better than the Playstation Showcase so far

__SteakDeck__347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

@Sonic1881 I mean is that saying much? Lol No gameplay and release date for Fable, No gameplay for Hellblade, and Avowed graphically and animation wise looked mid. There’s still a lot of show left, so we’ll see.

Lightning77347d ago

"Lol No gameplay and release date for Fable,"

Nobody in their right mind was expecting a release date for Fable. Hell. Most ppl. Didn't even expect Fable to show up at all.

"No gameplay for Hellblade,"

1000% agree huge miss.

Avowed graphically wasn't impressive I think the gameplay could be solid tho.

LabRat347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

@Lightning77 "Most people weren't expecting Fable to show up at all"

I think people definitely expected a Fable showing, especially with their teaser of glitter and Fable music a week ago. I didn't think the trailer was bad, but would've liked gameplay.

FinalFantasyFanatic346d ago

Personally, I would only call this a slight improvement over Sony's Showcase, it was better, but not miles better, it was a pleasant surprise.

raWfodog347d ago

Now that you’ve watched the whole thing, what’s your opinion? I’m only asking since you were the first one in this thread order to bring up the comparison to Sony. By my count, they had about half of the exclusives that Sony announced but a lot of people complained about Sony’s showcase.

iEatNapkinz347d ago

I honestly don't think it was much better than PS show case. I honestly think all showcases this year, so far, have been underwhelming. SGF wasn't great and the MS and PS showcases are about level to me

Flewid638346d ago

99% of the show were cinematic trailers with zero gameplay. Starfield was the only big reveal.

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Christopher347d ago

Great Fable trailer. Just great.

Sonic1881347d ago

I wanna know if that Star Wars game is day one on gamepass because it's a Ubisoft game