A €300 Starfield Constellation Edition has seemingly leaked

Several Starfield editions have seemingly leaked ahead of their imminent announcement.

According to dataminer billbil-kun, who has an excellent track record of product leaks, Microsoft is planning to release three editions of Bethesda’s game.

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Sonic1881318d ago

Just play it on gamepass if you wanna save some money

Andrew336318d ago

I was gonna spend $300 on the special edition but now that I know that I'll just play it on gamepass!

just_looken318d ago

Too true if you look at recent titles by this group no one should be pre ordering or even buying it day one.

Gamepass or wait for feedback from media/influencers heck watch twitch.

So far starfield has been revealed in a unpolished broken state then it was said by testers it was worse than the june ps4 version of cyberpunk in terms of polish. That made it get a year delay


Do not worry though they fired all those that leaked info new reports says it "Exceeds All Expectations" as they shove a few grand in there pocket.


just_looken317d ago


No its current news as in this game has not had any in awhile which is another red flag they should be showing off controller in the hand gameplay.

badz149318d ago

With how the FO76 Power Armor Edition still leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many, people must be very skeptical towards this next one.

CrimsonWing69318d ago

These CE games are getting out of control with the prices.

maelstromb317d ago

Agreed. When the cost of a single CE is approaching the total cost of a console purchase, you know something is horridly wrong. It's baffling and yet not surprising that Bethesda and MS would ask this much and for an unproven game no less...

sadraiden317d ago

The idea is that because physical game collecting is insanely popular due to COVID, people post photos of their collections, so if you publish a CE that has the biggest and flashiest box, it stands out, and creates FOMO in other gamers.

-Foxtrot318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Please. I beg you Microsoft, make it physical as a big f*** you to Sony

It makes a point

RupeeHoarder318d ago

I don’t think Sony cares at all.

318d ago
franwex318d ago

The disc you mean, or the stuff one gets?

-Foxtrot317d ago


Horizon FW
God of War Ragnarok
Spiderman 2

All the collectors editions are digital only

S2Killinit318d ago

Or make another mediocre game as a big f*** you to the xbox fan base.

318d ago
JackBNimble317d ago

And why would you want that sonyboy?

Oh yes, you're the superior gamer ... not likely

S2Killinit317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

“Sonyboy” haha thanks for that.

Profchaos318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Why what would that achieve? Is it because the Spider-Man 2 collectors edition is digital so it should Shame sony into making sm2 physical like what's the logic?

gold_drake317d ago

yea, make overpriced special physical editions only to include a download code haha.

317d ago
Kekewei317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Actually it's Microsoft who started the shit.

2015 : "Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Collector's Edition – Xbox One [Digital Code Only, No Disc Included"

317d ago
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anast318d ago

It's a GamePass game. Nothing really special about it.

Othegamer5318d ago

keep fighting the good fight soldier.

anast318d ago

Keep following my content. I appreciate it citizen.

EvertonFC317d ago

That goes both ways pmsl.

318d ago