A Diablo TV series is long overdue and should be on everyone’s radar

After hits such as The Witcher, we believe that a Diablo TV series is long overdue and we are ready to fight for an adaptation now that Diablo 4 is here.

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potatoseal108d ago

Budet would be ridiculous and probably too much CG

glennhkboy108d ago

No It shouldn't!!!!! We've seen too many game-to-movie/tv fiasco by now. Game & movie/ TV are 2 mediums that have 2 conflicting objectives. The emotion of movie/ TV comes from a passive story. The emotion of a game comes from the player's action. So the story or a game can be as sample are "Hell on Mars; kill any moving thing"-Doom. Yet the Doom movie need to stuff-in characters, motive, etc.... that were completely irreverent to the game.It would be the same for a Diablo TV/ movie project. What makes Diablo great is the constant killing, looting, upgrading, etc. A Diablo TV would defiantly turn into a generic fantasy demon killing show, completely lose the magic of Diablo games.


Possible Diablo 4 Bug Causes Hardcore Player Deaths by Treasure Goblins

A possible Diablo 4 bug is causing Hardcore players to die to Treasure Goblins with the Death Pulse modifier on them.

BrainSyphoned83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Don't kill a hp sponge with death pulse and casually walk into it the aoe. If you stand in the fire and die it isn't the game's fault, you are the moron standing in the fire.

82d ago

Megan Fox is reading Diablo 4 eulogies, seriously

You can now submit your Diablo 4 death videos on Twitter or TikTok for a chance to hear actress Megan Fox read out your eulogy aloud.

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Bobertt108d ago

I'm pretty sure she said in an interview she and MGK drink each other's blood. So it fits her being in a game about demons.

mastershredder108d ago

:/ the simping for this game is a whole new level of cringe.

In a world of crusty pants M’ladies ….Diablo 4

Charlieboy333108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Oh god please...now I have to disinfect my eyes . Alice Eve yes....this thing no.

Charlieboy333107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Bet all you want bud. Just because it has tits doesn't make me lose common sense. Last time she was hot was Transformers 1......then she got inked more than a freaking novel ( can I stop and read you please ) and more artificial than MSG now. I prefer natural beauty....who are you ( and the super horny other 8 little disagrees ) to say I don't. No one....that's who.

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Diablo 4 devs know you’ll “break the game,” but they’re not worried

As we draw ever closer to the launch of Diablo 4, I asked lead class designer Adam Z. Jackson whether or not the team is happy with the current state of D4.

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anast115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Can I stack 3 battle passes for $75, if I want to tier skip to level 60?