Humble Pixel Pride Bundle packs seven games with LGBTQ characters or creators

The Humble Pixel Pride Bundle just launched recently. It has seven games including Celeste, Super Lesbian Animal RPG, Boyfriend Dungeon, and more. A percentage of sales support The Trevor Project.

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Crows90115d ago

Well. They should at least put in games that started as LGBT not the tokenism that some of these title later did. Celeste is one such example. A developer later confirms she's trans but admits that wasn't the case before. Therefore the character development there has nothing to do with LGBT pride or anything.

At least put in real ones.


New "Exclusive" Spider-Man 2 Suits to be Revealed at Comic Con Next Month

Exclusive new Spider-Man 2 suits will be revealed as part of Marvel LIVE! at New York Comic Con next month.

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Abnor_Mal9h ago

I will be there, will be my third time going to nycc.

Already reserved the deluxe edition of the game, just waiting for it to be downloadable then unlocked.

Huey_My_D_Long9h ago

I like this game...but....ngl seeing alot news about costumes for promotional work is not exciting.

neomahi24m ago

....... How is it exclusive when the game is only on PS5? That's a rather liberal use of the word and really takes away from what it represents. Exclusive is just a word now, it used to actually mean something. Once timed-exclusive came about, it lost its pop


PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for October 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Making Games Accessible to Everyone is the Future. Implementing It is the Challenge.

Clare from GL writes: No game is perfect, no developer is perfect, and not every studio or every game is going to get the combination just right. But we can look to the likes of studios like Naughty Dog which have created groundbreaking accessibility options that allow even blind players to enjoy their game

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