Remember Me - A Forgotten Gem

A Capcom classic, Remember Me, has ironically been forgotten in the 10 years since its release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

SimpleSlave105d ago

Sadly, Remember Me is not a forgotten Gem but a case of wasted potential. The best idea the game had was the Mind Remix Segments and the New Paris World setting, neither of which where really exploited or used well. Instead everything comes down to this just being pretty Beat'em Up and nothing more.

It does deserves a re-imagining though. Make it in first person and use something like the current Sherlock Holmes like gamedesign. Use some of that Deus Ex/Hitman mechanics and go all the way with the Memory Remix as the center piece.

Each case takes place in the mind of a victim, either dead, dying, or alive, and each level should be design like a Hitman level. Contained but chock-full of details. Investigating in the real world give you hints and clues as to how you can help or mess up a person's memory. Make this a player's choice. You can add combat but make it tasteful and short IF combat is required. Make the combat fit the narrative and the setting. Like a Boss fight taking place in the Mind of a CEO that's hiding a dark secret. Or a victim injected with some nasty Nano Machines trying to erase her memories so she can't be scanned by the Memory Remix Agent. Stuff like that. Again, make these short, sweet and to the point.

The potential for a classic is there but the original wasn't even close to being it.

blackblades104d ago

I liked the game, couldve been better but you can say that for every game or movie.


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jznrpg186d ago

I loved Asura’s Wrath . It’s my avatar still to this day

Abnor_Mal185d ago

I remember Remember Me, I haven’t forgotten that it was actually a good game.


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IamTylerDurden1899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

I agree. Personally, Remember Me, imo, was quite underrated. The game was linear and beautiful Neo Paris wasn't available to be explored as much as I would've liked, but as a whole, it was enjoyable.

Graphics were excellent, the art style was terrific and Nillin was a tremendous character that was voiced beautifully. It even had a solid story. Combat was attacked, but going back recently, I rather enjoyed it. The pressen system was genius and the basic flow to action worked. Platforming was terrible, but the overall package was one that i loved and I'd rather DontNod make more titles like this then become complacent making knockoff Tell Tale games. They are going down the same road as TT, using old tech and pumping out inferior products consistently. I know they had interest in a sequel and had already written the script. Capcom just doesn't want it, but I do.

Magog899d ago

Yeah their walking simulators do nothing for me. Funny that Quantic Dream seem to be going in the other direction. I wouldn't be surprised to see some actual gameplay in their next game.

Relientk77899d ago

I will always see Remember Me as one of the most underrated games of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation. I had a blast with the game. I would love a sequel.

PersonX899d ago

No point, nothing but a mediocre game.


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isarai1333d ago

Should really check out Outward, it's very good at rewarding exploration with tons if great things to discover. Also while pretty much the opposite of hand holding, it's also pretty forgiving replace death and reloading with "defeat scenarios" that picks a random scenario after being defeated that keeps the game moving. You can be saved and given a weapon by a mysterious being, or dragged into an animal den needing to crawl your way out alive an refind your gear

gamer91333d ago

In the same boat, but for me it’s the linear story driven games that I just can’t get into anymore. After 25 years of them, they seem very formulaic compared to something like Siege or PUBG where I’m playing against real humans and the adrenaline is pumping. I’ll always have a place to be immersed in something like Xcom 2 or fallout 4, but I haven’t clicked with a story driven linear game since TLOU. Could also use some of these tips on how to enjoy a story game like you’re a kid again ha ha. Looking forward to TLOU2!

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

What Remains of Edith Finch
Tomb Raider 2013

6 great story-driven games for you. You can pick them all from the current Steam sale for probably less than 20 bucks combined.

Also, Dark Souls and Bloodborne for the pure joy of exploration and discovering.

gamer91333d ago

Thanks! I really enjoyed the soulsborne games and INSIDE as well. Is Dishonored 2 also recommended?

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1333d ago

Yes, I recommend Dishonored 2 as well.

william_cade1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

What Remains of Edith Finch surprised me. I will never forget playing her brother at the cannery.

EDIT (Bloodborne and Dark Souls are amazing)

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1333d ago

Oh, forgot to also recommend Hollow Knight and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Great games for exploration and discovering.

Atom6661333d ago

It's interesting because I find myself in a similar situation lately. There are still those exceptions where I'm interested in gaining that linear, engaging experience, but I'm finding myself being drawn away from those experiences more and more.

Sometimes it gives me a weird feeling of obligation and anxiety. Like I'm more focused on completing the game then enjoying the path to get there.

I've become an open world enthusiast more and more because of it. If I know I have X amount of time to game or just don't want to be heavily invested in something, I look to those games first. Maybe I clear out a base, do a side mission, or just explore. Maybe I play story missions for hours at a time. It's the variety that I like.

Similar thoughts about MP. I can drop in and drop out, play some competitive round of something and be on my way.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Dark Souls and Bloodborne are the best games for exploring and discovering. In these games you will actually find cool shit as you explore. Straight up big hidden areas with unique enemies and bosses, etc.

frostypants1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

There's only so much to explore in those, though. You're still very much kept on a general path. There's exploration but it's more along the lines of a Metroidvania-style exploration where you're just peeking down every path put in front of you. I love those games though. The very first one, Demon's Souls, may have been the most interesting in that sense, because there were a few secret areas that would only open up if the world tendency was dark or light enough, which relied on the behavior of other players. They did away with the world tendency mechanic in the other games and that always bummed me out.

1333d ago
frostypants1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

The problem is by a certain age you've seen enough games that you start seeing the patterns and design limitations that flew over your head as a younger gamer. And game developers haven't been able to take that next step in their open worlds to make truly interesting emergent gameplay, nor do they want to spend a lot of time on content that is purely optional...everything tends to feel shallow, e.g. "the Ubisoft/Far Cry problem". They need more randomness, better AI interacting within that randomness, and more hidden content, that is actually well thought out and elaborate, buried out in the world to make exploration rewarding (even knowing that most players may never even come across it). Otherwise you end up with a game where only the main plot has anything memorable.

One thing The Witcher 3 did well is it had lots of purely optional quests that actually took time to complete, with their own little storylines. I want to see that sort of dedication to optional content, but in a more exploration-oriented game design. Not everything has to be quest-based.

The author's complaint near the end about just not having time to even TRY some games is weird and a different topic entirely. Not sure what he was getting at there.

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