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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "What damages Redfall more than feeling corporate-inspired is simply... it not bringing the goods. You can incorporate some neat concepts, which Arkane Austin did, and I can appreciate them to an extent, but my patience will eventually vanish if the game proper consistently fails in its execution. Even if inevitable updates arrive, it just morphs to a supremely unconfident title that's outclassed elsewhere across solo and cooperative play. The grocery list of problems, from storytelling to open world design, are so extensive that it seems more humane to drive a stake through this beating heart – if you can find it."

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jznrpg111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

People are excited for Xbox show. But MS management doesn’t know the difference between great games and bad games most of the time.

They got lucky Tango Softworks was working on a small project when they bought Hi Fi Rush but still that’s a small budget AA game.

I’d bet a good amount of money that MS is going to mess up a decent amount of these studios they keep buying. If they couldn’t grow the ones they have and have them produce quality how can they handle 30-40 studios ?

Sonic1881111d ago

I still think they will have a decent show. At this point they really have no choice

anast111d ago

They will have a decent show because they lowered the norm of expectations.

Bathyj110d ago

How many shows have they had where we said this is it, they have to deliver on this one, only to disappoint?

I'll answer that question with another question.
How many shows have they had since Kinect 1 was announced?

just_looken110d ago

Na xbox can pull a kinect and leave console behind become a sega

Everyone forgets all the time that xbox owned by Microsoft that makes over 33 billion every 4 months.


maniacmayhem111d ago

Why do people still say things like this when it's common knowledge that Redfall was inherited by MS? The game was in development well before MS purchased the studio.

And MS has grown the studios they have, what makes you think they haven't?

"how can they handle 30-40 studios ?"

The same way EA and Activision and every other similar conglomerate out there that does the same.

repsahj111d ago

So now Redfall was just inherited by MS? yeah right.

maniacmayhem111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

So what do you believe the right terminology would be?

Or do you truly believe MS commissioned Arkane to develop a PS5 version then just decided to cancel it just after Arkane's purchase?

MadLad111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

If great games (Wasteland 3, Psychonauts 2; etc) were in early production at the time of the studio's acquisition, Microsoft had no hand in the quality of the release.
If crappy games like Redfall, which were in production prior to the acquisition, Microsoft was the main element in why the game was so bad.

I'll get the same crap from the same people I always do for making a comment like that, but people know how this place works.

Asplundh111d ago

So with Hi Fi they got lucky with it because it was in development when they bought Tango.

But Redfall which was also in development when MS aquired the studio, is MS fault.

I guess if Starfield does great it'll be because it was in development before MS bought Bethesda, but if it does bad it's because MS mismanaged it.

GamingSinceForever111d ago

What should be concerning is that MS thought Redfall was worth pushing but not so much Hi-Fi Rush.

coolbeans111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

One of the key rules to N4G posting is "heads I win, tails you lose."


You're baking in an unfair assumption based on marketing decisions. It's practically a given in any industry to constantly remind people of the big, AAA thing that's about to release.

anast111d ago

I don't understand why people are building up HIFI Rush. At one point Golem and HiFi rush had almost identical player counts. HiFi Rush is a better game of course, but no one really liked it.

coolbeans110d ago


"At one point Golem and HiFi rush had almost identical player counts."

Bruh... do you really think it's fair to compare one of the biggest meme-games of the year to a shadow-dropped action game? Absolutely insane reach.

Bathyj110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

If it's doing great they don't have to do anything and it turns out good then you're right it has nothing to do with Microsoft.

If it's doing bad however they should step in as the company owners and do something about it. That's the difference

Redfall is Microsoft fault because it was in trouble from the start and no one wanted to make it and Microsoft did nothing about it. It should be been cancelled. Instead they chose for it to be their one more thing with an impossible to achieve CGI trailer. Remember that? How all the fanboys thought that it would look that good? Seems ridiculous now.

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Lightning77111d ago

"They got lucky Tango Softworks was working on a small project when they bought Hi Fi"

I been saying this for well over a year now. If it's bad then it's MS fault, if it's good MS had no hand in it. Despite the fact the fact MS had no hand in Redfall, Hi FI or Starfield. It's a super predictable fanboy narrative that I saw coming a million and millions of miles away.

You mean like how Redfall was in development before MS bought them? So what are you talking about exactly?

GamingSinceForever111d ago

MS had the power to kill Redfall or further delay it. Sony recently did that with Factions 2 or whatever Naughty Dog was working on and they got hammered for it. In the end of the game releases and it’s great people will then understand why delays are a good thing.

Asplundh111d ago

We've seen it before, tho I think this the first time I've seen someone use both narratives in the same comment.

Lightning77111d ago

"MS had the power to kill Redfall or further delay it."

Why son you can yell "MS cancels games and destroying studios" you don't know your own behavior but I don though. In alternative universe you and everyone else is here is yelling just that. Don't even pretend to be sensible if MS canceled the game lol.

"Sony recently did that with Factions 2 or whatever Naughty Dog was working on and they got hammered for it. "

Wrong the game isn't cancelled there is a small amount of ppl working on it but it's definitely not cancelled.

@Asplundh I think so to now they're contradicting themselves in one comment. It gets worse and worse with them.

GamingSinceForever110d ago

I said “kill or further delay”. I then concluded with once the game comes out people will understand why the decision was worth it.

Comprehension is key. Make sure you do that before responding.

Lightning77110d ago

@Gaming I said “kill or further delay”.

You also said Kill. Which means to cancel. You still would be yelling "xbox destroys studio" even if they delayed it that wouldn't stop you ppl from having fanboy remarks regardless. Not like it matters no amount of delays would save the game according to reports. Except maybe getting it to 60 frames, bad game design is bad game design, no matter how you slice it. Delaying it again wouldn't of done anything.

GamingSinceForever110d ago

I will give you a perfect example. The Last Guardian was displayed on the box of my PS3. It didn’t come out until years later on the PS4 and the rest is history.

If you played the game you already know that it is considered a classic. No one talks about the fact that it was delayed an entire generation any more because what we eventually got was well worth the wait.

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P_Bomb111d ago

What’s with all the 17g achievements? Odd number.

coolbeans111d ago

One way to ensure cheevo hunters strive for 100%, right? ;)

SullysCigar111d ago

Blimey, this review's a little late to the party. Only telling us what we already know at this stage.

coolbeans111d ago

Better late than never though, right?

SullysCigar111d ago

Sure - I guess on the flipside, if people were not around during the initial review rush, they'll be glad of the later ones.

maniacmayhem111d ago

Redfall is proof that sometimes a company should just stick to what they know best.

maniacmayhem111d ago

Arkane doesn't release games? Please do tell.

Hofstaderman111d ago

I am referring to their owner.