PS5 Update 23.01-07.40 Released Today

Sony has released a new system software update for the PlayStation 5, version 23.01- .

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closed_account115d ago

Sony is developing an official PS5 beverage, and it will be called Stable-It-Tea.

SullysCigar115d ago

Okay, well played - sounds delicious!

Anyone know what this refers to, specifically? :

"We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens."

Aloymetal115d ago

As long as they don't develope a cringe refrigerator it's all good😂👍

victorMaje115d ago

There’s a standwich goes with it ;)

Outlawzz115d ago

Dang I thought this would be the one to include standing levitation. Maybe next time

Bathyj115d ago

I don't even use the screw on stand to have my PS5 vertical.

After so many updates, it's that stable

SullysCigar115d ago

My PS5 is so stable after this latest update, I now keep my horse in it.

Bathyj115d ago

Back in the day…..
The poor had horses and the rich had cars

Nowadays the poor have cars and the rich have horses

How the stables have turned

closed_account114d ago

Glad I can always look forward to dumb dad jokes on these PS5 update posts. :)

ROCKY28114d ago

son does the same - no stand just stands up as it makes it more stable 🤣

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