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System Shock deftly returns a classic immersive shooter to its place on top of the heap, updated for nearly anyone to enjoy.

MadLad116d ago

It's been a great month for games.

Sonic1881116d ago

When the game is only on PC, you know it will be well optimized

RaidenBlack116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

PC Gamers deserve a good PC title after a series of unoptimized ports ... and what way to reward other than the Remake of the OG immersive sim?

Sonic1881116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I agree! Agian if it's a *PC exclusive* it's almost guarantee it will be well optimized with no issues

Tacoboto116d ago

93% positive reviews on Steam so far. The top reviews don't mention performance issues either.

However, the game is only launching on PC first - there still are plans according to them to hit console, even Xbox One. It is good though that they clearly prioritized PC and whatever happens to the console versions is secondary to this PC build.

fleshzombie116d ago

this is the game I would love to have on PSVR2 although I know it wont happen. The original scared the crap out of me as a kid and cant imagine the experience in VR haha.

MadLad116d ago

That's up in the air, in my opinion. NightDive is a pretty PC centric developer.
Even when they're asked about it, they're very vague about how they answer.

They may be mulling over the idea of it but, if it happens, I'd be surprised if it's any less than a couple years down the road. They didn't even really try for solid controller support on PC. It's rough to try to play with one.

anast116d ago

Did they do any work with the AI? AI is usually the most dated feature of older games.

autoglope116d ago

na it is about as shitty as it was in 90''

anast116d ago

They charged for a rerelease.

autoglope116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I does not resonate with me at all,..will need to watch walktrough,.. because I am stuck,.. I have no problem with insane mape design,.. but this is kinda insane with all the totally random respawning enemies,..

anast116d ago

They just re-released it. If they would have improved it, it would resonate. The game is stuck in the past.

FallenAngel1984116d ago

Another quality horror remake is upon us

Now it’s Silent Hill 2’s turn next

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Shadowrun 2007 almost had a System Shock-style singleplayer campaign

But Microsoft said no.

XiNatsuDragnel44d ago

I'm not surprised I hope if Microsoft is more open to these things.

anast43d ago

That would have been fun, so they said no.


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