God of War Ragnarok Art Director Joins Halo Infinite Director on Netflix's Original IP AAA Game

Today God of War Ragnarok art director Raf Grassetti announced on Twitter that he has joined Netflix Games to work on a mysterious new game.

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Hofstaderman120d ago

God of Halo . A limited series.

Hofstaderman120d ago

Oooh yes that’s a brilliant tagline.

Clippy120d ago

I just still don't know how to feel about Netflix games. I want to be happy for more options, but it's hard to trust anything from them

potatoseal120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

What they should do is make the game multiplatform. Sell it full price to console gamers and PC, but make it FREE on Netflix.

That's also what I wish MS would do in a way with some of their bigger 'brand name' titles like Elder Scrolls and Doom etc Full price for PS5 but free on gamepass. But I guess maybe that's not in the cards. We'll see

darthv72120d ago

......it is multiplatform.

The title of the previous piece is: "Halo Infinite Creative Director Joins Netflix to Work on AAA Multiplatform Game Based on Original IP"

EvertonFC119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

That's actually how it should be done imo. I wonder how gamers would feel if Sony dropped there 1st party titles day1 for free on ps plus yet put there 1st party titles on PC and Xbox for £80 digital ONLY ? Say day1 or 3 months after playstation launch ?
How would playstation fans react to PS 1st party titles going onto Xbox and how many Xbox fans would pay £80 for the 1st party games ?

potatoseal119d ago

@ darth72, man you're right. Still, I wonder what their long term play is. They want to just make games and release them on all platforms? and Free on netflix? If that's the case, it can't hurt.

EvertonFC119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Valiants heart on Netflix was good, other than that I haven't really tried any of the other games.
What's hard to trust from Netflix ? Seems like an alright company tbh, never ever has a problems in 10 years with them, easy to join, easy to unsubscribe, great content and price point.

Bobertt119d ago

I forgot they even had games since I only watch Netflix on my tv.

EvertonFC119d ago

I'm not a mobile gamer but I had to play the new valiants heart on Netflix

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MIDGETonSTILTS17120d ago

Is this the same director that needed a $500 million budget for Halo Infinite?

Nice steal… /s

Magog120d ago

I assume it will be a streaming only game? We shall see if that works out.

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Sega has cancelled Hyenas ‘and some unannounced games in development’

The move was made “in response to the lower profitability of the European region”

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isarai6h ago

Honestly smart move, there's enough pvp, operator/hero based pvp GAAS games with this same generic style out and upcoming.

Vits5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

That is really sad. Not only cancelling Hyenas, but the other unannounced game and cutting funds yet again for Creative Assembly. This would be the first time in a decade that Sega let those guys do something other than the Total War series and the last time this happened, Creative Assembly delivered one of the best horror experiences out there in the form of ALIEN: ISOLATION.

I get that profitability is low. But maybe it's because Creative Assembly has been stuck putting out yearly releases of the Total War series. Those games are great, don't get me wrong but the market is extremely saturated with them and they are limited in public as they are only available on PC and PC players are know for making their favourite titles last a long time. To the point that people are still playing Total War Shogun 2 from 2011 at reasonable numbers...

So I feel this is a very bad move. It basically boxes the studio in a situation where they are unlikely to improve their profitability. Now not only they will go back to the same yearly franchise, but they will have to do that with a lower budget and likely team as well.

TheColbertinator1h ago

The problem with Total War is that they (CA) themselves saturate the series to death. Out of the last 5 Total War games I felt only Three Kingdoms was presenting new bold ideas. Troy, Britannia, Rome Remastered and Warhammer 3 all felt sloppy or lazy.

Vits46m ago

That is the issue with yearly releases. There is no way a company could manage that and create original and innovative content for each entry. It's a pretty much mutually exclusive situation. And why this cancellations and cuts just sucks. Now TW is literally everything this studio has but with less budget and likely fewer people to work on each entry.

So if you thought their last releases were sloppy or lazy. I would expect that to get even worse and then I would be surprised if Sega closes them, just like they did Creative Assembly Australia before.

purple1015h ago

Can't understand how it would save them money.

If the game was basically finished then surely release it and get a little cash. Surely the money has been spent already and now the easy bit is to release it. ?

Terry_B4h ago

It was supposed to be an online only game that gets updates for years. These would have cost em more than the development so far probably if the game bombs

Terry_B4h ago

They could have canceled it months ago already after seeing the reaction to the trailer(s). Nobody was caring or hyped about this.