Mortal Kombat - From One Reboot to Another

As the announcement of yet another Mortal Kombat reboot dawns, it's time to look back at the previous reboot of the franchise.

ghostrider32118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Ed Boon is soft, for bringing Mileena back after all of those death threats.


Mortal Kombat 1 Review: A Timeline Reborn [PSLegends]

A timeline reborn! How does the new Mortal Kombat 1 fare?

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Striker Is The Worst Mortal Kombat Character Of All Time

In the annals of Mortal Kombat history, Stryker stands out not for his prominence but for his successive series of blunders and near-misses.

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TricksterArrow1d 21h ago

Nah. Definitely not the worst.

CrimsonWing691d 21h ago (Edited 1d 21h ago )

Most of the MK4 cast is far worse than Stryker.

ZwVw1d 21h ago

Not even close. That award goes to Hsu Hao.

BlaqMagiq11d 17h ago

Uh... did you forget Mokap exists?

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Review - Mortal Kombat 1 has taken a few too many steps back, reverting to a technique that fighting games were using years ago

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