Silent Hill Ascension risks being a mist opportunity

A brand new trailer has gone live for one of the several upcoming Silent Hill projects on the way in the form of the Silent Hill Ascension trailer.

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ROCKY28116d ago

this will be the worst of the new 3 silent hills coming to us

EvertonFC116d ago

Looks pretty good tbh, I see the fannies above are shitting on it already.


Silent Hill Ascension Could be the Next Step in Horror Gaming... Assuming Konami Doesn't Botch It

Silent Hill Ascension holds a lot of promise for the future of horror in games and multimedia projects. Will Konami understand that?

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Vengeance1138312d ago

Sounds like just a gimmick that will die off quick.

isarai312d ago

Konami has little to do with it besides leasing out the IPs.