How are Solid Snake and Naked Snake Different in the Metal Gear Series?

Though similar in name, the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid Delta, Naked Snake, is different from the more iconic character of the series Solid Snake.

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Dirty_Lemons120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

They looked the same, acted the same, and we're both voiced by David Hayter. During the classic period of MGS, there was no difference (someone correct me but I don't recall if in Snake Eater NS was already determined to create his private militia?)

Side note - still a fantastic series of games with a plot so bonkers but still somehow works.

Name Last Name120d ago

The seeds of rebellion are planted after The Boss’ sacrifice in MGS3 but he starts his militia in Peace Walker.

Dirty_Lemons120d ago

Thanks NLN. That's what I seemed to think was the case, but for a series that retcons its own story multiple times throughout the decades it's hard to be 100% after a few years off.

PhillyDillyDee120d ago

They are different people for one. Naked snake becomes big boss of the original metal gear games. Solid and liquid are his clones.


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I remember playing Metal Gear as a kid on NES. Definitely good times

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