MGS Delta Snake Eater remake leaves an MGS4 remaster in a tricky spot

The Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater remake is great news for MGS3 fans, but the MGS Master Collection could signal trouble for a potential MGS4 remaster.

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Sonic1881125d ago

If they decide to make a MGS4 remake will it still be exclusive to Playstation? That's what I wanna know. It shouldn't

Petebloodyonion125d ago

If it’s a remaster or à port they would probably make itt on other platforms.
Buy, if it’s a remake I would expect Sony to push hard into making it exclusive.

Snookies12125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

There's zero chance that they'll do a remake for MGS4. And honestly, it doesn't even need one. A remaster is perfectly fine because the game STILL looks great to this day. Just touch up the textures, give us native or upscaled 4k with a stable 60 FPS and it'll be golden.

EazyC125d ago

We'll see about this remake.. MGS is such a sacred cow of videogames that there are so many ways they could screw it up.

CobraKai125d ago

Yeah. As excited as I am for Delta, I’m also very wary. This can be very good or very very bad.

Tody_ZA125d ago

I agree, but I've also grown more confident in remakes after Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4 and Mafia: Definitive Edition, which wasn't half bad. I think Capcom certainly raised the bar and everyone worth their salt will aim for that standard.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of my favourite games of all time from my favourite series of all time, so I sincerely hope they don't screw it up.

CrimzonRaven125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I bet that if they ever realease a Mgs 4 remake, In todays age it will be multi plat. Aka Xbox/PC also.
The age of exclusive seems to be over almost totally so as i said in an other article.
Ps5 is gonna be my last console thats for sure, No need to by a console if everyhting go multi so next gen its time to upgrade the PC again with a new cpu and graphic card.Gonna keep my ps5 though but for sure not by a ps6
But in all fairness, We dont need a remake of Mgs4, We just need a 4k /60fps version of it and im happy.
I rather take a remake of Mgs1+2 anyday but thats just probabaly just me

tagzskie125d ago

they should remake mg and mg solid snake first so we can experience that in current gen glory

Gardenia125d ago

MGS1 and MGS3 are the classic games in the series. Those two games are remake material. MGS4 is not.

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anast4d ago

Why are they using the SX for the thumbnail? It's misleading. They make games for the S.

Cockney4d ago

Where is the commitment for gamepass? Lots of 3rd party games incoming yet very few day one

DiRtY4d ago

6 day one releases on GamePass in one month is actually pretty good.

shinoff21834d ago

I didn't realize metal gear solid was this close to release. I'll grab that on ps5 disc if it's available. Looking forward to check out cities 2 on gamepass.

Hofstaderman4d ago

Don't know why the downvotes. Everybody is going to buy it on the PS5.


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LiamJR898d ago

Have they said yet wether MGS3 will include the bonus features added in the Subsistence version?

Name Last Name8d ago

I think I read somewhere that they will be the base games only.

MrNinosan8d ago

It's confirmed to be Substance and Subsistence

Redgrave8d ago

The extra content that was present in the HD Collection is also present here, but the Skateboarding, Snake vs Monkey, Secret Theater, and Snake's Nightmare are all still omitted.

aaronaton8d ago

All they had to do was make it 4k60 and they would of sold twice as many copies. Do the extra work, and reap the rewards.