Tekken 8 Reveals Bryan Fury As Playable Character With Brutal Trailer

Today Bandai Namco revealed another returning fighter who will be playable in the upcoming fighting game Tekken 8, Bryan Fury.

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SDuck127d ago

I swear, each time I try to guess how this commentator will say the name and I get it wrong every time. Love it!

fr0sty127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

The characters' voice acting keeps getting cheesier and cheesier... like bad anime. Bryan's laugh is corny now, whereas it used to be intimidating. Paul was even worse.

oIMyersIo127d ago

This drip feeding of info is a bit tiring.
Would rather just have one solid trailer and a release window.

SDuck127d ago

I like the trailers focused on showing the new stuff for each character but a release date would be nice

Abriael127d ago

We don't always get what we want.

In this case, I'd rather have the "drip feeding" and a decent number of characters compared to launching with 10 characters.

oIMyersIo127d ago

Drip feeding info doesn’t necessarily correlate to a limited roster. It’s just tiresome, but you’re right, we don’t always get what we want and everyone’s preferences are different.

XxSPIDEYxX127d ago

Sucks that this got leaked, but happy Bryan is returning. Only right for Yoshi to be next.

Lexreborn2127d ago

I’m might be back in the game now, bryan looking both familiar and fresh at the same time

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atsugiT29d ago

That ghost battle looks like a game changer


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