Nintendo Blocks Game from Sale at Last Minute

Nintendo is currently blocking a game from release on the Nintendo Switch eShop due to concerns about a negative influence the game may have.

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Knightofelemia127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

If anything this will teach your kid to count cards and you can take them to Vegas. I see no harm in this I played casino games on a rented NES. And my SMS has had a couple of casino games on it. I think Nintendo is a little sticky due to the animals in the game.

raWfodog127d ago

Obviously your first sentence was a joke but guaranteed that the sarcasm will go over many people’’s heads.

Inverno127d ago

Pokemon made me addicted to slots, but I never grew up to have a gambling problem. Also I forget what parents are for, I think they're supposed to be watching what their kids consume but I'm not sure anymore.

Profchaos127d ago

Remember every level you beat in Super Mario Bros 2 there was a mandatory pokie machine or I guess you'd call it a slot machine in the US. You literally had to gamble for extra lives

Christopher127d ago

The company that created Pokemon cards with loot box gaming aimed at kids and has done the same with Pokemon Go are worried about another game teaching kids gambling habits?

127d ago
JokerBoy129127d ago

This dude SUS as hell. We're going to be reading reports that he's full of crap soon and Nintendo is in the right.


The Lovecraftian retro-FPS “Forgive Me Father” is now available for consoles

"The Poland-based indie games publisher 1C Entertainment  and Czech Republic-based indie games developer Byte Barrel, are today very happy and excited to announce that their horrifying H.P. Lovecraft-inspired retro FPS “Forgive Me Father", is now available for consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch) via digital stores." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

CappyBlack7h ago

Haven't heard of this one until just now, but this looks fantastic. Always need more Lovecraft in my life.

ThichQuangDuck5h ago

I need to play the first one before the sequel. Played the demo for the sequel its fun reminds me of wolfenstein and hotline miami

Ashunderfire862h ago

Who is the troll disagreeing with your comments? I for one as want another Lovecraft game as well.


"Gothic Classic" is now available for the Nintendo Switch

"THQ Nordic are today very pleased and thrilled to announce that Piranha Bytes’ classic RPG “Gothic”,  is now digitally and physically  available for the Nintendo Switch in the shape of the “Gothic Classic” edition." - THQ Nordic.

Redgrave56m ago

Because they hate us. Or, there's some kind of unspoken (timed?) exclusivity deal, like with the KOTORs.


“Ninja Kidz: Through Time” is now digitally and physically available for PC and consoles

"Publisher SelectaPlay is thrilled to announce that "Ninja Kidz:Time Masters", the official action-adventure game created by YouTube stars Ninja Kidz TV, is out now in physical format in the US and Canada for Nintendo Switch as well as worldwide in digital stores for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC via Steam.

The digital release for Xbox consoles and physical PS5, and PS4 (US and Canada) will follow on 20th October." - SelectaPlay.