Ukrainian Drone Operator Game Death from Above Rocks Early Access Release with Song by Antytila

The drone warfare game Death from Above has been released in early access and its rocking theme song by famous Ukrainian band Antytila has been revealed

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LostPotato5d ago

Someone should release a Russian propaganda game called shelling civilians.

It's only fair if this game was allowed.

Abriael5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Are you seriously putting killing soldiers participating in a criminal invasion on the same level as murdering civilians?

This game doesn't need to be "allowed." It's called freedom of expression.

Mind you, you're certainly just as free to try doing your "shelling civilians" game yourself if you care so much. Let's see how well it goes. 🙄

Leeroyw5d ago

Maybe I'm wrong but I think potato was having a dig at the Russians killing children in shelling. Not the Ukrainians defending their homes. I hope.