Drone Warfare Game Set in Ukraine "Death From Above" Announced, Kickstarter Launched

Publisher Lesser Evil and Finnish developer Rockodile Games announced their upcoming game "Death from Above" set in the war in Ukraine.

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Inverno398d ago

Cause unless this is the sort of game that's meant to bring more awareness or maybe even raise money for those affected it just seems kind of wrong. Idc either way, but if they're trying to capitalize on the war it's kinda shitty.

Abriael398d ago

@Inverno: so you haven't read the article or the Kickstarter at all.

TheLordOfStuff398d ago

This seems... incredibly stupid.

Also janky af looking 😆


Ukrainian Drone Operator Game Death from Above Gets Full Release Date

Less than a year after its original launch in early access, the Ukrainian drone operator game Death from Above just got a full release date.

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Ukrainian Drone Operator Game Death from Above Rocks Early Access Release with Song by Antytila

The drone warfare game Death from Above has been released in early access and its rocking theme song by famous Ukrainian band Antytila has been revealed

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LostPotato322d ago

Someone should release a Russian propaganda game called shelling civilians.

It's only fair if this game was allowed.

Abriael322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Are you seriously putting killing soldiers participating in a criminal invasion on the same level as murdering civilians?

This game doesn't need to be "allowed." It's called freedom of expression.

Mind you, you're certainly just as free to try doing your "shelling civilians" game yourself if you care so much. Let's see how well it goes. 🙄

Leeroyw322d ago

Maybe I'm wrong but I think potato was having a dig at the Russians killing children in shelling. Not the Ukrainians defending their homes. I hope.


Ukrainian Drone Operator Game Death From Above Gets Early Access Release Date

Today the upcoming drone warfare game "Death from Above" by developer Rockodile Games and publisher Lesser Evil got a release date.

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bunt-custardly336d ago

Damn, ok so I watched a video on r/combatfootage last night about this happening in Ukraine and it's pretty brutal such is the horror of war. I did immediately feel it must be like a video-game for these operators who don't have to get their hands dirty. It staggers me that the Russians being killed don't have at least two pairs of eyes on the skies at all times to avoid the grenade drops.

Anyhow, not sure how I feel about a video-game based on what I saw. It seems the first grenade never really kills but incapacitates, you then see the second grenade kill the wounded soldier.

In one instance, a soldier had his leg completely broken and dangling, probably had other shrapnel wounds, lay down crawled a bit, then put his rifle in his head and pulled the trigger. Pretty hard hitting stuff.

Abriael336d ago

One thing is for sure. Russians have lost the right to complain about being made the villains in video games at least for a couple of generations.

MrCrimson336d ago

Am I the only one who had Ender's game thoughts?...I didn't play it or watch on youtube - but uh, yeah.