Sony's lack of first-party focus left PlayStation Showcase feeling like a letdown

What might Sony have in store? Expectations were sky high following a string of blockbusters over the past few years, all of which were largely detailed before the console's launch. What was next? Sony told us a few game names, showed a few CGI trailers, but ultimately these were just glimpses

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sparky778d ago

I am glad someone else is pointing this out, Sony's first party must be in development hell right now. We have seen multiple projects cancelled and are being told to keep waiting. I mean what happened to Factions?

Sony seriously need to considering replacing their management teams because someone has dropped the ball.

Flawlessmic8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Lollllllll ur trying way to hard and clutching at straws with this take 🤣🤣

I'm the first to say as far as big Sony shows are concerned this was a let down by Sony's very very high standards, the standards they set I might add.

To say the games are in dev hell and management needs to change is laughable.

This was clearly the live service show for them, and yea it was crap lol.

If you think Sony's next showcase won't be literal bombs being dropped then your living with the fairies.

Don't let the rare slip up fill you with to much confidence sparky, Microsoft can be kings of showcases but when it comes to actually delivering great games, consistently, there's only Sony.

P.s ur name reminds of the dog from a south Park episode, kinda fitting actually lol

sparky778d ago

Wow so it's "wait until E3...." for Playstation now.

How the tables have turned lol

Flawlessmic8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The irony was not lost on me as I typed it lol

Difference is Ms has been wait till e3 for what, 13 yrs now?

Like I said don't let the rare slip up fool you, by next show case, expect majority of the big names to be there, and it's not like we need to worry about if those games will be good unlike someone else.

So again enjoy your spiteful victory lap, it'll be short lived.

Looking forward to Ms showcase though give me a good look at motorsport and starfield and the rest will be a bonus. Hopefully see avowed and fable as well.

shinoff21837d ago

The tables haven't turned though. You guys have had redfall and halo infinite the last 2 years

gleepot7d ago

A rare slip up? None of their showcases are ever good.

Lightning777d ago

"Microsoft can be kings of showcases but when it comes to actually delivering great games, consistently, there's only Sony."

That's my thought as well. MS are just now having good showcases but barely deliver where it matters. You can have all the fancy and cool looking games in the world but it means nothing if we never play them or worse they're they're bad (Redfall)

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meanmallard8d ago

Yea, don't hold your breath waiting for PlayStation to go a whole generation without games just because they only showed things close to release....

By the time FF16 releases next month and PS5 is still outselling xbox 4:1 nobody is going to care about any of this.

If you're hoping this show (which was fine and showed a ton of games not coming to xbox) is going to be the downfall of PlayStation you're going to be extremely disappointed.

Always get back to playing Redfall in 30 FPS while you continue to wait for E3.

gleepot7d ago

But what happens to all the people that don't play or like final fantasy? FF isn't even a first-party game. Where are all of Sony's studios games? It's going to be a barren offering for the next year at least.

meanmallard7d ago

But what happens to all the xbox fans who aren't even going to get to play FF16?

Sony is not going to not have games next year, they just said in their financial report two days ago that they plan to release 2 or more big-budget games every year aside from all the smaller games they publish that people conveniently forget about over and over.

Tody_ZA7d ago

@gleepot What happens to all the people that don't play or like Starfield? Doesn't Xbox's entire generation hinge on that game according to articles on N4G like a week ago? You see how bad arguments don't hold weight?

SoulMaster7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


So FF16 doesn't count for the PS5 lineup this year because it's not 1st party? Xbots moving goalposts yet again, exclusives don't count unless they are first party now apparently. What happens to all the people who don't want to plsy Starfield?

As medoicre as I thought the showcase was, would you mind telling me where Fable, Perfect Dark and Hellblade 2 are? Sounds like a pretty barren offering.

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shinoff21837d ago

A particular fanbase has no room to talk about any of that if it's true lol.

Lifexline7d ago

I really just believe games are just taking longer to make and we shouldn’t expect games from franchises to release as frequent as they used to. Unless they have a 600 plus team even then it’s difficult it seems. Gamers have irrational expectations now they have to wait so those expectations can be met.

I feel bad for developers they have so much pressure from gamers like never before.

oIMyersIo7d ago

Listen man, whilst the showcase was underwhelming, that’s some next level reaching to claim “development hell” for Sony first party studios, come on, this has to be a troll?

GamingSinceForever7d ago

Let there be development hell. So what? At least they have the decency and respect for their customers to not release a broken POS with delayed features.

Obscure_Observer7d ago


"Wow so it's "wait until E3...." for Playstation now.

How the tables have turned lol"

Lmao! XD

outsider16247d ago

"Sony seriously need to considering replacing their management teams because someone has dropped the ball."

It's alright, someone dropped the ball on the floor. Can be picked, dust it and play again.
You guys need to find the ball first that you lost like what 13 years now?


They were very upfront at the beginning of this gen that they were going to stop doing so much showcasing of games. From here on out, expect a teaser 2-3 years out, and gameplay 6 months or less away. That might be it for most games.

It delays a game about 6 months in order to produce a vertical slice for showing off. And, with these huge games taking longer and longer to make, 5 years on avg it seems, and a console gen is 7-8 years…. They can’t afford any delays, or they could miss their window to release.

Not to mention, we have to ultimately wait longer for the final product in order to get a good preview… it isn’t worth it, be patient.

Trust Sony to CONTINUE to deliver on promises.

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Relientk778d ago

There was even insiders talking about how the showcase was getting delayed internally because their first party developers weren't ready.

Well I watched the showcase and the only developer who was ready was Insomniac Games with Spider-Man 2. So where are all these other first party devs that are ready? I saw CGI trailers from Haven, Bungie, and Firewalk Studios for what appears to be multiplayer GaaS games I'm not buying. So yeah definitely disappointed and underwhelmed by Sony's first party presence at the showcase.

sparky778d ago

That was the reason there was no showcase last year, there is no excuse for showing nothing this year unless they are seriously struggling and in development hell.

shinoff21837d ago

Sparky I don't think you know what your talking about. Development hell huh. Could be what theybare working on is just a big game could be anything but sony doesn't show things off 5 years to early so we will never know.

gleepot7d ago


except sony DOES show off things super early, their entire history is filled with games that were announced 2+ years ahead of time

SoulMaster7d ago

idk, I think Perfect Dark, Fable and Hellblade 2 qualify more than the bizarre conclusions your pulling from nowhere.

Asplundh7d ago

Games are just taking longer to make, they're going to have years where there isn't going to be a lot of 1st party games released.

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Gamerscore20778d ago

It’s interesting to see Tom Phillips,a well known Xbox supporter, have this opinion about a PS showcase.

Very interesting.

masterfox7d ago

it seems that way but in the end was more than enough, they display SpiderMan 2, announced MGS3, the phantom ninja game looked amazing, helldivers 2 out nowhere appeared and it look great as well, and lots of other games too like Alan Cake 2, it was a pretty solid showcase imo, yes it was lacking alot more first partly titles, and lots of third party was shown and everyone think it was a letdown, but for this year it will be great for Sony.

Now that other thing nobody is talking is that first party devs are already in the works of the next IP and this is known and confirmed, for example ND, SuckerPunch, Insomniac besides SpiderMan, Guerrilla and who knows who else Im missing here, what Im trying to say is that these new IPs will probably come next year and so Sony already has on its pockets 2024 as well for gaming imo.

shinoff21837d ago (Edited 7d ago )

For sure masterfox

I've got all the faith needed in Sony there's no reason not to. I've been simply letting off steam because I was let down with that showcase. I did not go into it with high expectations either their just wasn't anything for me to be super hyped about.

I also seriously believe Sony needs to invest in some sort of rpg whether jrpg or wrpg. They lack in the wrpg at the moment. 3 of the bigger wrpg studios/publishers were bought up

phoenixwing7d ago

Shinoff I agree with the rpg statement. I always want more of them and sony needs one

VersusDMC7d ago

They definitely don't need to invest more into jrpgs. FFXVI, Grandblue, FF7REBIRTH, and all the other jrpgs come out on Playstation as well.

And on the wrpg side baldurs gate 3, dragon age, Dragons dogma 2(is that wrpg?) Witcher all come out on Playstation as well.

As an aside...if Bethesda got tango gameworks(japanese developer) to make an elder scrolls game that played and had the same style as skyrim would it be a JRPG or WRPG?

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