GTA 6 “needs to be something you’ve never seen before” says Take-Two CEO

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has been speaking on the challenges publisher Take-Two and developer Rockstar are facing creating Grand Theft Auto 6.

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CrimsonWing69132d ago

Look, I’m down. I’ve yet to see an open-world as dense, detailed, and as alive feeling as GTA V. If 6 blows it out of the water, my mind will explode. Really looking forward to this game!

Tal169132d ago

there's meant to be actual wave SURFING in the game... that would be so awesome

CrimsonWing69132d ago

See, that’s really awesome to me. I’m honestly stoked from hearing things like that.

solideagle132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

but then we will see GTA after 10 - 20 years which is ridiculous. I think game should have dev cycle of 5 years max. we need more AA games which medium budget and dev cycle like 2-3 years, fun games. I miss PS2 days

tbagmonster132d ago

more arcade style games as well lower budget, look good etc..

neutralgamer1992132d ago

GTA6 will launch on PS5/XSX in the last year of consoles lifecycle. And than they can remaster the game to launch on next generation hardware

I really think GRA6 is a huge test for R* because this is the first game where OG GTA developers aren’t working on the game. Only one housher brother is left behind

chicken_in_the_corn132d ago

Nothing stopping them releasing it before then and remastering it later.

StrangeDerp131d ago

@neutralgamer1992 Let's face reality and accept the facts, because it's irrelevant that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser left rockstar games, because Leslie Benzies left rockstar games in (2016) and it made no difference to GTA Online updates or GTA Online gameplay and Dan Houser left rockstar games in (2020), and Dan Houser ONLY wrote the GTA Story for GTA Single Player, and Dan Houser wasn't a programmer or gameplay designer lol.

Leslie Benzies (Producer) leaving rockstar games in (2016) and Dan Houser (GTA Single Player Story Writer) leaving rockstar games in (2020) isn't going to affect GTA 6 gameplay or GTA 6 Online Multiplayer, because they aren't programmers and they don't create the gameplay design, the GTA world, GTA Online, etc.

if GTA 6 Single Player Story Mode is worse than GTA 5's, who cares ?, because most people will only be playing GTA 6 Online Multiplayer after they have finished GTA 6 Single Player Story Mode anyway, because GTA Single Player Story Mode / Free Roam can only entertain most people for so long, until it becomes boring and repetitive.

There are still millions of people playing GTA Online to this day, and there is probably a lot more people playing GTA Online than GTA 5 Single Player.

Have you seen the trash games that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser are working on ?, Leslie Benzies is working on a trash game called "Everywhere", and Dan Houser invested in a blockchain games company called "Revolving Games", Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser have seriously embarrassed themselves lol.

Here's the video trailer for Leslie Benzies boring and uninteresting looking game called "Everywhere", and here's the article link about Dan Houser investing in a blockchain games company called "Revolving Games", this is beyond embarrassing for Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser lol.

Everywhere Gamescom Teaser 2022

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser invests in blockchain games studio, joins its advisory board

Storm23132d ago

Can't believe it's been this long since a new GTA. Hoping for something really fun.

potatoseal132d ago

I know right? So long. If I think about it long enough I actually get quite pissed off about it lol

Storm23132d ago

I will only be ok with the long wait if GTA6 melts my face...

Number1TailzFan132d ago

It needs a lot of missions and side activities, I mean what else would you want from a GTA, maybe a more interactive environment?

Tal169132d ago

I think things like being about to take passenger planes to the cities would be incredible. Have wanted something like that since I was a kid!

potatoseal132d ago

Damn, never imagined something like that. Yes please.

Mr_cheese132d ago

More buildings to enter with things to do inside of them would be great.

It's far fetched but one day the ability to go into every building

_Decadent_Descent132d ago

Good. Hopefully that means an overhaul of the gameplay mechanics, physics, and AI. Tired of being stuck in 2001 when it comes to this series.

YodaCracker131d ago

GTA IV was the overhaul. Euphoria physics changed everything, and the gameplay evolved into more over the shoulder/cover shooting.

GhostScholar132d ago

I would love to go back to one protagonist. I still prefer gta 4 to 5. I also liked San Andreas for the ability to workout and change your body. GTA will never be what it was before the dumbass multiplayer became so much of a part of the game.