At least the RTX 4060 Ti won't sag in your PC case

That's a plus... I guess.

Celeritas3D131d ago

lol, I lay my computer Flat to prevent this, does anyone else do this?

Tal169131d ago

haha yeah, once... never again!

masterfox131d ago

recently saw more tests and numbers of this card and damn!! very very bad option for upgrading imo.

IanTH131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Never have I seen an entire generation of GPUs, from both manufacturers, get mauled like this. You have to hope that after the media beating, the poor consumer sentiment, and rock-bottom demand, next gen cards are released at actually viable price points.

And hopefully they can get the launch dates pulled up a bit; really don't want to wait 2 years for the next launch. I'm on a 3060Ti, and I was willing to upgrade this gen, but nothing is exactly the product I want at the price I'm willing to pay. Funny how both companies seemed to think we were "normalized" to high GPU prices after what many paid during the crypto boom. Being willing to pay a lot - in that context - is MUCH different than what we're looking at now.

Number1TailzFan131d ago

3000 series (at normal retail pricing) was mostly decent, you could argue the 3080 was slightly gimped because of the 10gb but overall it was much better than this 4000 series. 4090 is a good jump but the pricing is too high for most, I could buy one but these days I barely touch a game. I'm on a 3060Ti myself at the moment and It's fine if you're reasonable with the settings depending on the game.

I'd wait and see if they do some kind of Super refresh, or just hold on to your 3060 Ti until the 5000 series.


It's a good thing Microsoft now says its "adorably all digital" future plans are outdated

They suggested a potentially different path to Sony, and poorer game preservation as a result.

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Vits15h ago

Honestly, I don't mind a digital-only device - I do play mostly on PC after all. I just think that one paired with Microsoft's way of handling expandable storage is a bad idea.

Like, just imagine how expensive that would get with 1TB costing around 150 USD and the current sizes for AAA titles.


PlayStation Portal battery life: here's how long Sony's PS5 handheld lasts

According to a recent hands-on by CNET, the PlayStation Portal battery life is expected to last between seven to nine hours.

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TQQ13h ago

That's really good actually, better than my phone and my 10' tablet just watching YouTube or Twitch.

gold_drake13h ago

oh wow, i expected it to be way less.

nice, cant wait :)

SwissCheese12h ago

Given this is just a streaming device, that's pretty low compared to my cell. But I guess most gaming sessions are shorter than that.

Profchaos10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Try streaming games to your mobile phone for that long and see how it goes I think you'll find with a decent screen brightness most phones would only get 3 to 6 hours max.
My fold 3 would only go about 3 hours tbh

EvertonFC6h ago

Most.phones wouldn't even do 3 hours imo, I used 12% in about 20mins using remote play while letting my nephew and niece play "Peppa pig and paw patrol.
I imagine it's even less playing a more gfx intensive game.

EvertonFC6h ago

A mobile last about 2 hours when playing a console game, plus it feels like it's gonna melt in you're hand.

Vits12h ago

Pretty similar to the Abxylute, but far lower than the Logitech G-Cloud battery life.

But given Sony's recent track record, it's really good and depending on how the battery is accommodated inside of it we might have another Wii U Gamepad situation where a newer, larger battery can be used.