After Us - Official Launch Trailer

Explore the corners of a surrealistic post-human world to give life on Earth a second chance in this touching story about sacrifice and hope Play as Gaia, the Spirit of Life, and navigate stunning platforming environments in an abstract world to salvage the souls of extinct animals. Revive these creatures after learning their final fate: the last whale harpooned, the final eagle caged, the last deer hunted down, and more, while you survive encounters with dangerous, oil-covered Devourers that roam the wasteland in search of remaining life. In this emotional journey from the creators of the critically acclaimed Arise: A Simple Story, you alone can restore life to the planet.

potatoseal127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Love the music. Added to my list

sushimama113d ago

Was a bad game. I actually played this


After Us PC Review | NoobFeed

NoobFeed Editor Jay Claassen writes - After Us is one of those rare masterpiece level games that need to be experienced, with an incredibly touching story, amazing gameplay and drool-worthy music to go with it all, you might come for one thing but you’ll likely stay for it all or maybe just to see the story through to the end. After Us has nearly endless layers underneath the overall design, but going deeper is what makes every second spent playing the game so much more rewarding.

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After Us Review | TheXboxHub

Gareth writes: "You may find After Us a bit too depressing. But the scale of the level design, visuals, and soundscore found here are outstanding."

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