John Debney Scores With Lair Pt. 1

The music featured in videogames has come a long way since the digitized 8-bit clinks and bleeps of old. These days it's not uncommon for a full-fledged orchestra to be utilized in the creation of an immersive and enthralling score for a videogame.

It is also no longer that uncommon for a well-known Hollywood composer to try his (or her) hand at composing a rich sonic tapestry for everything from an RPG to a first-person shooter. Such is the case with John Debney who up until this point in his career is best known for lacing such high profile silver screen projects as Sin City, The Passion of The Christ, End Of Days, and too many others to recount here, with his signature sound that mixes grandiose orchestral themes with strange and often exotic instrumentation and vocals to create sweeping pastiches of aural pleasure.

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Violater4887d ago

no real news today huh, Full auto Demo is on the PSN saw it last night

Siesser4887d ago

I actually thought this was kind of interesting. Audio's a portion of gaming that often goes underappreciated when it's not just full of EA Trax or a set list for Guitar Hero.

If I'm understanding things correctly, they're trying to create the various scores that are complete and seperate entities, but integrate multiple transitional points or "movements" into them for when the gameplay's tone changes, rather than just dropping out one song and plugging in another. That's kind of cool; I'd imagine it would give one the sense that the game is being orchestrated on the fly.

techie4887d ago

This is great that games are merging with movies. We've seen it with God of War with its great soundtrack that can draw you into the game to make it a truly spectacular adventure.

We're seeing it with Heavenly Sword with Andy Serkis playing the King and aiding in the character movement and performances.

SCE really seem to be bringing the game up with these type of games. I think its great.

Also we're seeing it with Halo 3 - with great performances and a Hollywood type story.

Oh and don't forget MGS4.

DJ4887d ago

The music for the Lair trailer was really awesome, so I have a lot of faith that this guy will do a great job. Come on...Sin City...Come on. =]