Xbox 360 Game Install Sizes + Performance Ratings - 310 Games and Counting!

This list consists of over 54% of the currently available Xbox 360 games released since the consoles' launch in 2005. While still quite a ways to go before completion, it is never-the-less a great start and helpful guide for everyone who is considering installing games to their Xbox 360 HDDs.

Green = load times improved by 6 or more seconds.
Yellow = load times improved by 3-5 seconds.
White = load times haven't changed, +/- 1-2 seconds.
Red = load times worse by 3 or more seconds.
Gray = game performance needs to be reported.
* = Japanese game.

NOTE: The above list has been compiled thanks to; CAG members, Anonymous tips, NeoGAF, AVForums, and StripesOnFire.

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SynGamer4238d ago

I'd like to encourage everyone to contribute to this list if possible, whether via PM here or by posting in the thread on CAG. While i doubt we can get EVERY game, i'd like to try at the very least.

YouNoob4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

FIFA 09 = Green
Midnight Club LA = Yellow

all the others i got installed are already on the list.

if nobody can fill you in on those, send a pm and i'll have a look:

Battlefield Bad Company
Beijing 2008
Bully: Scholarship Edition
Flatout Ultimate Carnage
Frontlines: Fuel of War
Guitar Hero II
King Kong
Moto GP 06
Moto GP 07
Need For Speed: Carbon
NHL 08
Test Drive Unlimited
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Virtua Tennis 3

SynGamer4238d ago

Every little bit helps, thanks! If possible, post actual times, it for no other reason than evidence for others to confirm/deny.

tk4238d ago

Seems like most does not speed up, but actually has worse load times.
Hopefully for the XB360 crowd it will at least reduce the disk scratching and noise levels. Could be a problem with the limited disk capacity though.

Just upgraded my PS3 to 250GB (from 60GB) as I ran out of disk space last week with the latest install. Seems like the encrypted FAT32 on the PS3 is as much a space waster as the normal FAT32. What is the XB360 filesystem?

SynGamer4238d ago

Technically EVERY game installed could be considered an improvement because there is no disc spinning, thus less noise and more importantly, less wear on your DVD drive. As for load times, most games see at least a little improvement in load times and/or performance.

YouNoob4238d ago

FATX and XTAF are the two filesystems used on Xbox 360 harddiscs, FATX is also used on Xbox 1 harddiscs.

The installation feature is great, especially for noise reduction. Without the fan running the machine is as quiet as it can be. Loading times haven't been an issue for me personally in any of the 100+ games i own for the 360.

meepmoopmeep4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

wait, i thought installs were a bad thing

Mr_Bun4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

I think the majority of people are installing their games so that they don't have to hear the 360 running at mach least that's why I do it.

meepmoopmeep4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


yeah i know, i was just messing with those who use to
shout at the tops of mountains about installs.
now they seem to think it's not too bad after all.

i would rather install myself if it makes performance any better.

Sarcasm4238d ago

"that they don't have to hear the 360 running at mach 2.."


It's not that bad. It's more like a vacuum cleaner.

Bladestar4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

"wait, i thought installs were a bad thing."

I thought drinking was a bad thing.... no my friend drinking urine is bad... drinking water is really good.

Don't compare the two things.


* PS3 Mandatory installs.
* XBox 360 Optional installs.
* XBox 360 optional install benefits?
- Lowers power consumption.
- Lowers noise.
- Improve loading time (Take a look a GTAIV... it was already faster on the xbox 360 before intalls... with the installs is even more than 6 seconds faster).
- PS3 installs benefits? (I'll leave it up to you to list them).

Don't confuse mandatory workaround in order to make the game playable with optional manful improvements.

anh_duong4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

i would still use hd install to reduce wear and tear on the laser on most my xbox games

Mr_Bun4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Why are you bringing the PS3 into this? You obviously don't have one otherwise you would know that not all PS3 games have mandatory installs. If you had read Meep's follow-up you would know that he was just messing around.

Are you always this uninformed?

meepmoopmeep4238d ago

lol, leave him be.

i don't read his stuff.
it's usually a wall of text i don't care to read

Bladestar4238d ago

@Mr Bun - When Meep said, "wait, i thought installs were a bad thing" do you think he was referring to people talking about wii people saying that "installs were bad" or the PS3... isn't obvious why I mentioned it or things have to be spelled to you?

"i don't read his stuff. " of course you don't... who likes it when someone counter our irrational dump comments? specially lack the ability to counter back. Don't blame you... if I were you I would do the same.

How can you refute what I said?

"Are you always this uninformed? " please "inform me" and point out what I said it my comment that is not true. (at least use the right word to describe my comment. "uninformed"? what is?

Man_of_the_year4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Totally agree with you - It was clearly indicated from the first post that as a PS3 fanboy he was attacking 360 owners about install.

Also don't mind these guys - they are clearly apart of the SDF and didn't know what to say to counter your truthful argument. So the only thing left to attack is your integrity.

SDF handbook - "when countered logically and truthfully in any kind of argument and the excuses - RROD, disc scratching and paying XBL have been used or do not apply - resort to name calling and personal attacks"

Mr_Bun4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

"uninformed - not informed; lacking in knowledge or information"
From- http://www.thefreedictionar...

I guess in a long way, you answered my question... Apparently you are uninformed. You also need to be told things more than once as I have already stated that not every game on the PS3 has mandatory installs. I am surprised that you missed that seeing as it isn't buried in 14 pages of is the 2nd sentence in.

Also don't knock the games that have mandatory installs...Maybe you aren't aware that the machine you are typing on requires them...and as far as the 360 goes...they CAN'T have "Mandatory" installs as not every 360 has a HDD.

Maybe you should start doing some research before you try to belittle that which you clearly don't understand. I am fortunate enough to own multiple consoles as well as be informed of the pros/cons of each.

Thanks for adding to the current generation of fanboyism!

vdesai4238d ago

Sure Sony could allow you to copy the whole game disk onto the drive , but blurays are too big. Unlike the 360 installs the PS3 installs do not take up 4GB on average. Also, as Mr Bun explained not all of them are mandatory. There are few titles that have large install size. Back to the article, I am unsatisfied that Microsoft did go with just storing disk images but I was expecting git sucks to be those with arcade though or even with a 20GB HDD.

Pennywise4238d ago

PS3 bashers out in full force. Who would of thought.

Doesnt it get old guys? The PS3 is a great machine... you can not sit here and try to convince people who actually own it otherwise. You just sound silly.

Lets try to follow the rules and keep the comments ON TOPIC and not turn in into a flamebait mess like it usually does.

Graphics Whore4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Bladestar why do you type why do you even think, I really believe your being sentient was a huge mistake.

BIGBAER4237d ago

The 360's optional install?---good for the user who wants it. Freedom of choice! Yeearrrrgh!

BIGBAER4237d ago

I'm glad to have the option. This is also just another step in prepping gamers for largescale digital distribution.

Little steps... little steps.

7h3ultim8p004237d ago

Mr Bun you are not really making much of an argument. Bladestar's point still stands because regardless of whether not all games require a mandatory install on the PS3, the 360's installs are optional and offer improvements while the PS3's installs are required just to make the game playable.

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Cajun Chicken4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

I WANTED to be impressed with the game install feature on NXE, but I can't, do you know why?

Crackdown isn't supported, the game that needed speeded up load times the MOST, is NOT supported. All in all, I just find it a little bit pointless.
I installed Earth Defence Force 2017 and no real obvious differences, I expected the aliens to stream off the disc smoother instead of that 1 second gap of the game freezing and it loads the next load of enemies on the screen and on the whole make it more taxing, but alas that did not work.

Sure it makes the 360 quieter, but its really not worth that space, I'd rather use that space to fill with decent XBLA games.

Anyone who finds game installs on 360 handy, good for you, for me its personally a bit of a let down and a little bit on the whole, pointless.

urban bohemian4238d ago

Fallout 3, Fable 2 and Prince of Persia for me especially. And it definately reduces that noise level, I'm lucky though as I've got an elite so dont have to worry about space too much. Oh and it works miracles on lost odyessy.

Mr_Bun4238d ago

I am with you. What is up with Crackdown? That game takes forever to load...and it doesn't seem justified. It is a pretty cool co-op that would really benefit from installing.

Road Dog4237d ago

Would you shut the f*ck up about crackdown and EDF that is all you ever talk about. Go back to farting around in Home.

Cajun Chicken4237d ago

They are the only really good exclusive single player games I enjoy on the 360, y'know that unusual factor called 'fun'. You may not realise that because you are too busy abusing peoples gaming choices.

Gears is seriously overrated compared to what Epic CAN do and has in the past on the PC (Its obvious the development time in Gears made UTIII a poor game due to the focus on Gears as the primary project).

Halo3 should of been on XBOX, because there visually isn't that much difference, its good, but I've completed it twice now, didn't touch the genius of the first installment. Besides, MS want me to fork out another £40 for the multiplayer section I bought on the disc.

Mass Effect isn't my cup of tea due to being an RPG.

And nothing decent and 'must have' has come out on XBLA since the middle of summer because its full of god forsaken Popcap games.

Oh wait. Dead Rising is pretty good too, benches, weeeee...

SynGamer4237d ago

@Cajun Chicken

I just completed Mass Effect and it is by far one of the best games, both story and gameplay wise, that i've ever played. I went in with an open mind and was blown away. It's more of a shooter with some great RPG elements combined into one powerhouse of a game. Highly recommended.

Cajun Chicken4237d ago

I'll look it up at some point. Thanks.

I hear that Fallout 3 fits into this shooter/RPG division genre too and I'm edging towards that when the price is right.

7h3ultim8p004237d ago

Try Ninja Gaiden 2 as well, though I will not responsible for anything that gets broken in your house.

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Scotracer4238d ago

The only game I have installed is GTA IV and it improves load times and frame-rate by a considerable amount.

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