Lego 2K Drive review – a wonderful first racing game - The Guardian

Lego 2K Drive is a super solid beginning for what is likely to be a developing series. It has everything you’d expect from an open world racer and enough Lego charm to enrapture children of all ages. What it lacks is the witty scripts of the Lego Star Wars games, as well as their sophisticated level of visual humour. The landscapes, though fun to explore, never quite provide the surprising reveals of the Lego City Undercover world.

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Continue your build with LEGO 2K Drive Season 2

If you've been enjoying building things up in LEGO 2K Drive, then Season 2 of the Drive Pass should be one of interest.

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Lego 2K Drive Review -- Gamerhub UK

Mind a few speed bumps, this is one smooth Lego ride.

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15 Games of 2023 So Far That Were Massive Letdowns

GB: "Even in a year as excellent for gaming as 2023 has been, there have been more than a few disappointing releases."

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P_Bomb79d ago

Greyhill Incident had potential but got slammed. I’ll still try it, but on sale or GamePass. Someday.