Supreme Commander Review

This one has been top of many people's "one to watch" lists for a while. Designed by Chris Taylor, Total Annihilation extraordinaire, Supreme Commander has promised the world from the get go. Offering you a sense of scale that's unmatched on the marketplace, the game looks to set itself apart from the rest by "putting the strategy back into real time strategy", offering the player massive war zones, a fully scalable camera and the freedom to execute whatever strategic manoeuvres they wish.

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specialguest4887d ago

When it comes to RTS games, a rating of a 7 is good enough for me. In this case, it got a 9. I'll have to pick this up soon.

BIadestarX4887d ago

I've been waiting for this game since first anounced. This game and the new Command & Conquer. Now I have to find my wait to PC gaming again. Being playing consoles for the past year.