Why Does Nintendo Hate Money?

Porting old Pokemon games to the Switch would give Nintendo a license to print money, so why isn’t it doing so?

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jambola129d ago

Small gaming site to multi billion dollar company
"Why do you have money"

porkChop129d ago

If they were going to port older games they have far better choices than Pokémon. For example, how about proper remasters of the Golden Sun series?

NotoriousWhiz128d ago

Golden sun won't print money the way Pokémon will but I also would prefer golden sun.

Sciurus_vulgaris129d ago

Nintendo loves money! In fact they live money more than their competitors. Hence, Nintendo avoids price drops and sells everything at higher profit margins than PlayStation and Xbox.

NotoriousWhiz128d ago

Nintendo is the only of the big 3 whose entire business lies in making games.

S2Killinit128d ago

Come now, those titles sell, why does Nintendo have to abide by rules that don’t apply to their situation.Others would do the same if they were inNintendo’s situation. Its supply and demand, pure and simple.

gold_drake128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

their first party games they develop in-house, sell in the 10 mio. or more range, everytime a new game drops.
i think they're fine.

but it would definitely be a nice idea.
put games like golden sun on there too

Tapani128d ago

Don't click. Nintendo is incredibly profitable and loves cash and high ROI. Leave this blah blah as is.

jambola128d ago

All you have to do is google Nintendo net worth to laugh at this article