Do You Prefer Single Player or Multiplayer Games?

BY WIL HARRINGTON: From GoldenEye to Fortnite, from Zork to Horizon Zero Dawn, gamers have long had a vast selection of great single player and multiplayer options. Is one mode genuinely better than the other or is a balanced experience between both best? Let us dive in, shall we?

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isarai144d ago

Single player or co-op, I usually have like one competitive MP game on the side I'll play for a couple years, BF used to be my go to but 2042 sucks and I haven't really found a good replacement

chrisx144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I'll take Single Player over MP today, yesterday, forever.

Flawlessmic144d ago

Yep single player all day, everyday and twice on sundays!!!

1Victor143d ago

I prefer single player but don’t mind a fun addictive 3rd person shooter like Warhawk and Starhawk

RpgSama143d ago

Single player games 999 times out of 1000

blackblades143d ago

Always gotta have that 1 MP for that fun competive entertainment.

PhillyDillyDee143d ago

Im the exact same. Used to play BF all the time until they ruined it.

isarai143d ago

I miss that awestruck experience when I'd play BF4 in my ps4 for the first time, or the extremely defined classes of the bfbc games

Markdn143d ago

Yeah I prefer single player, but I do like the way destiny let's you casually drop in to public events and leave whenever, don't like the crucible mind.

neutralgamer1992143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

single player games

MP games are like work now with their seasons and battle passes. For most with family, work etc, there just isn't enough time to play

Notellin143d ago

Yeah then you throw in esports and twitch and there is no way I can keep up. The kids are getting practice and watching film.

Knushwood Butt143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

These days almost exclusively single player, but I have over 600 hours in Uncharted 4 MP.

Last thing I played online was Returnal co-op with randoms.

You know what? I could play Returnal again and I have 250 hours on it.

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-Foxtrot144d ago

Single Player

Having developers create rich, lore filled worlds and giving us great single play driven stories always appeal more to me. When developers do multiplayer games it always feels the effort just hasn't been put into it, like they are expecting replay value and overall fun to come from gamers gaming with each other, especially with close friends.

Rather having a well crafted level that will capture you and draw you in they'd rather create a short generic like level which you need to grind over and over with your party. It's like they are hoping you are so distracted playing with your friends, talking amongst yourselves that you won't realise and when you finally do click on and start to get bored they'll flash a shiny new update or expansion in your face which really is just the rest of the game you WOULD have gotten it if was purely single player.

The reason for that is by playing by yourself you don't have any distractions and you are concentrating more on the world on screen. You then start to notice if the gameplay is short, repetitive, not fun, buggy, generic etc which is why developers have to try harder when doing single player games. I always feel that's why developers want GaaS titles because it doesn't mean more money for them but less work as you drip feed the game content.

locomorales144d ago

I like tits growing games like jrpg and rage inducing games like Rocket League.

sadraiden143d ago

Genuinely curious what you meant about "tits growing games like jrpg".

locomorales143d ago

It's about my own tits. They grow when I play those games.

GoodGuy09144d ago

Singleplayer. But it is fun to play pvp/e MP at times.