ROG Ally and Steam Deck have lost sight of what makes the Switch great

"Handheld consoles are getting more popular each year, but the ROG Ally and Steam Deck have lost sight of what made them so accessible."

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_SilverHawk_146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

ROG Ally and steam deck are better than the switch

I like the switch but it's outdated tech that can't run games of this generation.

Neonridr146d ago

I should hope so, the Switch is 6+ years old now.

Jin_Sakai145d ago

People just don’t understand Nintendo doesn’t chase power. They do their own thing.

Just look at switch sales. All these powerful handhelds from competitors combined won’t touch Switch sales whatsoever.

_SilverHawk_145d ago

I guess sales of a product is better for the consumers instead of quality products for the consumers.

I'm just glad that there are a lot of portable gaming options for gamers to choose from instead of one outdated portable handheld device. Within the handheld space I see a lot more competition and iterations coming which is good for gamers.

People don't have to rely anymore on low quality and low performance multiplatform games on the switch and will have the option to play high quality versions of games on better portable devices. People that have been waiting for a better switch don't need to anymore because whatever the switch 2 will be won't be as powerful as these latest handheld devices

Neonridr145d ago

@SilverHawk - if you want to spend $1000 on a portable, it should be leaps and bounds better than a Switch that is over 6 years old and wasn't even cutting edge when it launched.

Imagine basing the quality of a game on a coat of polish. So many games we have seen launch on the powerful PS5 / XSX have flopped because the games are trash, no 4K graphics can save them.

I honestly don't even know how I can take your comments seriously, it's clear you never grew up playing on the systems of old where you had to use your imagination when playing games.

repsahj144d ago

switch sales on it's first year = 12m units
steam deck sales on it's first year = 1m units

Lets wait for rog ally if it will perform better on sales.

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Shadowsteal144d ago

Honestly this article comes off as incredibly defensive regarding the Switch.

Yknow what's "accessible"? Being able to play your games at 30fps lol.

In addition, Steamdeck nor the ROG Ally are not attempting to compete against the Switch.

Shadowsteal142d ago

Edit: remove the extra "not"

Vits146d ago

The argument here is at the very least muddled and shows that the author never actually used the devices that she is comparing to the Switch. To start the ROG Ally and the Steam Deck are not exactly the same nor do they have the same objective.

Valve's idea was a compromise between a full PC and a console and a lot of the "issues" mentioned by the author are "fixed" by the automatic Steam Deck profiles. That will basically make the device work as a console, with both the benefits of the plug and play nature of them as well as the limitations of being required to keep within the approved library.

Asus solution however is more or less a full-fledged PC in the shape of a handheld. That indeed makes it a more enthusiastic device. They tried to streamline the process for at least the performance profiles and to some degree they achieved that. But is still much more of a PC than it is a console.

As for the point about price. Yes, they are more expensive than the Switch, but they come with completely different baggages. With Ally in particular offers a ridiculous high value, cause not only it will carry all the library that you might have already built on PC - and EGS alone gave out hundreads of games at this point - but you have access to the best deals in the form of bundles, different stores and Game Pass. And they also have access to a ridiculous amount of other libraries, by means of emulation.

So while they are more expensive to front. They will pay themselves much faster when you actually start to play games on them.

And as a side note:

"Simply slot in your triple-A game and enjoy a refined experience"
It's really a matter of taste. But I wouldn't consider games that literally go from below 480p resolutions and run at below 30 fps as refined. But that might just be me.

Abriael145d ago

What makes portable consoles great is that they're portable.

This is just a ridiculously contrarian argument for the sake of saying something negative about something popular for hits.

cthulhucultist144d ago

My take on this is as follows:

I have a switch since its release and a Steam Deck for 10 months now.

While Steam Deck is a clear winner in the graphics department, with access to Sony, PC and Xbox games as well as better joysticks, it is simply not that accessible or easy to use.

With Steam Deck I have over 10 games that while playable according to Steam, can not be played on the Deck for many reasons (control schemes not supported by community, random crashes, freezing bugs, not starting, endless booting loops etc)

Graphic settings have to be continually adjusted to reach an acceptable level of performance as default settings dont always work.

On the Deck I have 37 games installed on a 512 GD SSD whereas on switch I have over 70 on a 400GB micro SD with another 120GB free (including many storage demanding games).

If I purchase a game and begin downloading, on the Deck I have to keep the handheld on whereas on switch it continues downloading when you press the power off button.

When I resume a game on Switch after powering off, I almost never after 6 years had any issues with the game booting normally, whereas with the Deck I encountered too many freezing issues (notably on the Ascent, God of War, Serious Sam 4, Devil May Cry 5)

Lastly the battery life is very limited (1 hour play on demanding games despite lowering performance and settings) whereas on Switch you can regularly hit 2-2,5 hours of gameplay even on demanding games and it never get uncomfortably hot.

So while the Steam Deck opened new possibilities for me and access to new libraries (especially indie horror games & triple A titles), it does have some drawbacks which may inconvenience the casual gamer.

jznrpg144d ago

Games make Switch for me otherwise I wouldn’t own one.

King_Noctis143d ago

That and the portable aspect of the Switch make me love it. Beside that, it is worst in almost every ways compared to other consoles.

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