Ranking All Sega Consoles from Worst to Best

Sega's lineup of consoles is as eclectic in quality as it is in capabilities, so let's take a look at the best and the worst.

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phoenixwing145d ago

dreamcast is easily the best even though it didn't sell

babadivad145d ago

Mega Drive is clearly the correct answer.

Number1TailzFan145d ago

Might be Megadrive/Genesis for me as #1 as it stood well next to the SNES.

Dreamcast did have good games but maybe not as many quality titles of that generation that it could've had if it were around for another 1-2 years, and it lacked support from some developers because they jumped ship or ignored it, it was a proper next gen machine for its time though in terms of power, ignoring no dual sticks or more storage on the discs.

Master System had some quality titles even though it didn't sell all that well worldwide compared to the NES.

Agent75144d ago

And the Master System was more powerful than the NES. The Master System converter was awesome for the Mega Drive/Genesis.

darthv72145d ago

Genesis is my #1 followed by Dreamcast then Saturn. Master system would be last on the list even though it was technically better than the NES. If we are looking at the totality of Sega home hardware then the Pico is the worst.

I dont look at add-ons as their own platforms so even though 32x has its own games... you still needed a Genesis to use it. Same with the Sega CD as it too required a Genesis to work. Both of which had some decent games to call their own but reality is they were nothing without the Genesis.

Agent75144d ago

And not many people know about Mega CD 32X games.

Sgt_Slaughter145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Depends on the region you ask this question in.

The U.S. market would pick Genesis, U.K./Europe would pick Master System, and Japan would pick Saturn.

That's the problem SEGA had, the libraries between regions varied wildly and because of that, the experiences differed greatly.

babadivad145d ago

Also, they were in direct competition with each other. The Japanese team was always at war with the American team.

The Japanese team were jealous of how well the American team marketed and sold the Mega Drive in the United States.

The American team was commissioned to make the 32x to extend the life of the Megadrive again. They launched the system and had no idea the Saturn was in development in Japan, let alone launching a few months after the 32x.

It's no wonder things went the was they did.

Northpoint145d ago

For me:
1 Genesis - Lots of arcade games brought to home experience
2 Dreamcast - experiencing 3D 60fps games for the first time and the games were fun
3 Master System - many fun classic games
4 Saturn - 2d games
5 Sega CD - I enjoyed the hell out of shooters like Lethal Enforcer
Last: 32X

babadivad145d ago

Saturn was a pixel pushing monster!!

Agent75144d ago

I agree. The Saturn and PS struggled as 3D consoles.