Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Patch 4 Doesn't Address Traversal Stuttering On PC

Judging from multiple comparison videos shared online, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch 4 doesn't address stuttering issues on PC in any significant way.

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masterfox204d ago

is being a while a wanted to comment this but it really grabs my attention why until the game is released and lots of people buy the game, is when all the issues start to pop out!, I mean is that hard for this big company developers to have these combinations of hardware? :

1) AMD CPU with 16/8 GB of RAM, 6 GB Nvidia GPU
2) Intel Cpu(6 cores) with 16/8 GB of RAM, 6 GB AMD GPU (not sure whats the average of VRAM for AMD GPUs)

I think the above are the most common PC specs combination the most gamer have, so is it that hard to make tests for developers to make a game run fine(60 fps locked!) with those specs?, can't they afford one of those cheap Amazon gaming PCs they sell?, seriously don't be such a cheap suckers and do some testing on those type of rigs before releasing the game, who braindead manager was told that releasing a game that uses 18/19 GB of vram was a good idea?, how stupid must be that he or she thought that gamers have each one of them a 4090 RTX?, seriously what the hell, me for example I was planning to buy day one Jedi Survivor but since I knew the game performance was going to be a mess, I didn't bought it, I think there has to be thousands and thousands of people that did the same , this big game developers must not like money I think , imagine all the income lost for this developers just because they didn't test in the most average spec combinations for gaming rigs, just spending a few thousands could equal millions of dollars of income for them.

I know there are like dozens of more gaming PC combinations outhere but there's always going to be an average statistically speaking.

mkis007203d ago

They dont care though...and the only way we show that will make them think we dont want the game at all...

CBaoth203d ago

I concur somewhat but it is a double edged sword. We PC gamers did that in the late 90's/early 00's and AAA publishers quit making PC exclusives altogether. Still got a copy of Battle for Middle Earth installed on my upstairs rig :/

DaReapa203d ago

Oddly, I experienced few to no issues at the game's launch, but have had nothing but issues since the patch 4 update.


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Amazon have taken their lightsaber to the price of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, meaning you can have it for 50% less this Black Friday.

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12 Frustrating Things In Video Games Only Gamers Will Understand

Twinfinite: “In a hobby like gaming, you’d expect it to be all sunshine, rainbows, and fun times. And to a certain degree it is. However, there are times when your favorite pastime sneaks behind you when you least suspect it, and backstabs you with a devastating critical attack. Yes, let’s be honest: Video games can occasionally veer into frustrating territory. So, for your reading pleasure, here are a bunch of things only gamers will understand that really grind our gears.”

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Nacho_Z50d ago

Lack of regular autosave is a bummer. I'm playing Lego HP with the kids and you can't just turn it off whenever and it saves your progress, you'll often be glued to the controller for an unwelcome half an hour plus while you get to a recognised save point.

Weapon degradation can F off too. Never a good thing, why would it be.

CoNn3rB50d ago

Weapon degradation can be a fun mechanic if done properly, for example it really fits well in Metro Exodus but more often than not you get it in games like Breath of the Wild where it takes away from the experience.

Inverno50d ago

I've become increasingly intolerant to literally ALL of those things LOL.
The problem is that people have voiced their distaste for all of those but developers double down and continue to include em as features rather than admitting they're a problem.

Popsicle50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Weight limits when carrying items in massive games where almost everything can be picked up. If some gamers want a sim experience with weight limits that’s fine, but can others who don’t like it just turn that feature off? Have wasted so much time just moving items to chests, etc while managing inventory.

CoNn3rB50d ago

First mod I often install on any game is one to remove weight limits

andy8550d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Missions that force you to walk. I hate them. Or walk with someone. And weight limits. That's the only thing that's annoying me with BG3.

CoNn3rB50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

The one that gets my goat is NPCs that basically won't shut up until you move forward. I wanna look around an area without hearing "over here" for the upteen time in a row.

Bonus points for annoyance if it's an RPG

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phoenixwing67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Still waiting for jedi survivor to be patched up enough. Seems I'm destined to wait for it to be dirt cheap.

MehmetAlperTR66d ago

Please no more jump jump jump shit..