Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf Will Not Release Before April 2024

Dragon Age 4: Dreadwolf will not release before the end of Fiscal Year 2024, according to new information shared today by Electronic Arts as part of its latest financial report.

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just_looken202d ago

This is good news sense its on its second dev team (over half bioware edminton left) and on its 3rd? 4th? game direction perhaps next year they may have a game for us to play.


Game Update: Dragon Age in Production

BioWare writes: "As we continue our journey, we wanted to wish Christian Dailey a heartfelt farewell from BioWare. Christian started with us back in 2018 and has been a big influence on our games and leadership team, most recently as Executive Producer over Dragon Age’s development. The games industry is ever-changing though and sometimes folks want to go and try new things – we understand, but we will miss him as a friend and as a colleague."

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Lightning77642d ago

Aaaand here we go. So tired of these devs leaving middle of AAA games... I understand problematic working environments but come on this never turns out well for anyone.

Christopher642d ago

You're tired of people making decisions for themselves on where they want to work? Seriously? They don't owe any of us squat. They have as much a right to find work elsewhere or just quit any job they want as anyone else.

Lightning77641d ago

Of course. My thing is why agree to a project that you can't commit to seeing the whole thing through? This has been a huge problem in AAA development for awhile. Nothing good comes out of everyone leaving prematurely.

Christopher641d ago

***My thing is why agree to a project that you can't commit to seeing the whole thing through?***

Maybe because the managers above him don't allow him to make the game he wants and he disagrees with it? Maybe they aren't giving him the resources they promised? Maybe he didn't have the control he was promised?

Absolutely no one should become an indentured servant just because you think they should finish a project while having absolutely no clue what they go through at the job

Palitera640d ago

"My thing is why agree to a project that you can't commit to seeing the whole thing through?"

Do you think these people enter the project with any intention of leaving midway?

I seriously doubt any of them took these decisions lightly, specially considering people in key roles.

XiNatsuDragnel642d ago

Beginning of the end rn in my opinion

BlackIceJoe641d ago

Hopefully Christian Dailey will start up his own RPG studio, just like Casey Hudson did.

staticall639d ago

Why though? This Christian Dailey got nothing under his belt*. Casey Hudson, on the other hand, was responsible for Mass Effect 1-3 games and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (and others, but he was a project director for those).

* "He had worked as the Franchise Development Director of Anthem Live Service" - taken from Anthem wiki. I don't think he or anyone else should be proud to be a part of Anthem.


Game Update: Dragon Age in Production

Today BioWare provided an update about the state of development of the next Dragon Age game, which is in the middle of production.

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Bioware Talks Single-player Focused Dragon Age 4; Excited for 2022 When New Details Will be Shared

The next Dragon Age, also known as Dragon Age 4, remains a bit of a mystery. Development on the title began in 2015, but the next installment in the popular RPG series wasn’t announced until 2018. The most recent teaser for the game was released last year during The Game Awards.

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DJStotty721d ago

Let's just hope we don't need to buy a book, comic, audio file or the like to find out what happens at the end.


Relientk77721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

I have a little sliver of hope that Dragon Age 4 will be good. I am cautiously optimistic. The fact it's supposedly a single player RPG now and the multiplayer and games as a service crap has been dropped is good.

RaidenBlack721d ago

Really curious how this turns out after the whole Anthem debacle.
I just want it to be good.
Hope this becomes one of the best games of 2023.

721d ago
Ethereal721d ago

Taking everything that comes out of Bioware with a gain of salt. Their track record has been spotty with the recent releases. Hopeful they can right the ship because I want the new ME to be worthy of its namesake.