Dragon Age 4 Looks As If It’s Shaping Up Brilliantly

BioWare has kept Dragon Age 4 details mostly under wraps, but everything we've heard about it so far sounds brilliant.

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Orpheo624d ago

Then hopefully BioWare can get back to working on "Anthem 2.0." :D

Relientk77624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

I am cautiously optimistic about Dragon Age 4 and hoping they, or EA, don't screw it up. Waiting for the gameplay reveal and we'll see I guess.

neutralgamer1992624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Dragon age Inquisition was a good game but to do the side quests just to open the main story wasn't a good choice in my opinion. There was so much running around and backtracking and the worst part about those side missions was most of them were just fetch quests

I'd rather have less content but more varied diversified and interesting content

624d ago
phoenixwing624d ago

Greedfall has less content but more varied I think

justadelusion623d ago

you could skip 90% of the fetch quests if you didnt want to do them

Tacoboto623d ago

Completionist, not knowing so early in this RPG how the grind/difficulty scaling will be.

Both of those reasons kept me in the Hinterlands so long I got tired of the lack of progression and stopped playing. Self-fulfilling I guess but the game wasn't trying to push me back to the story. By the time I did, it wasn't worth it anymore.

I think I'm in a swamp area last I checked in on it.

neutralgamer1992623d ago


But if I'm not wrong it's been a while since I played it you had to do certain amount to open up the main story missions or maybe my memory is foggy because it was such a long time ago that I played it

ToddlerBrain624d ago

“It’s not Anthem.”


ndacostabest624d ago

God I miss O.G Bioware games man...

LiViNgLeGaCY623d ago

You and me both dude. Lol.

MadLad623d ago

They should have never sold to EA.
I don't find it all that weird that the founders of the company stepped down from Bioware not long after the acquisition.

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The story is too old to be commented.