Honkai Star Rail Review - Trails of Mediocrity [Wccftech]

Honkai Star Rail is the new Hoyoverse gacha game in which a Trailblazer sets off in an epic sci-fi quest. Is this journey worth taking?

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Vits141d ago

I mean when you compare it with the best RPG series currently in development and likely one of the best that ever existed aka The Legend of Heroes. Yeah, I can see Honkai Star Rail not being that impressive.

But the thing people have to keep in mind is that this is a mobile game first and when we consider that. All the issues start to make sense, they are all part of the mobile culture game and while I'm with the author that they can be infuriating at worst and boring at best. That is because we are seeing it from the lens of traditional gaming.

For those that are into mobile gaming. What Honkai Star Rail is offering is actually a more streamlined version of systems that are familiar. All while also offering an actual story, gameplay and visuals that very few other titles can even hope to achieve.

That being said. What I am a bit concerned with this game is the turn-based nature of it. Because while Genshin Gacha system for characters didn't really play a role in making the game pay to win, with a turn-based system like this one the chances of that happening are exponentially higher.

jznrpg140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

I have little no interest in free to play games.

I don’t like games with loot boxes , cosmetics etc and things like that.
I’d rather pay a monthly fee.

I want the ability to earn everything in the game not by $$.

thesoftware730140d ago

A few games get it right, like Division 2, you can buy shit, but you can also earn all of it without real money.GT7 also right? CoD is all cosmetics, nothing used to throw off balance, and they also have tons of free cosmetics.

As long as it's not Pay-to-win and strictly cosmetics, I don't really mind.

GoodGuy09140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

God I wish Mihoyo would finally just make a non gacha offline singleplayer game for once. Because of their name and the money they bring in, it unfortunately always has to be a mobile gacha game...
I'm imagining how great Star Rail and Genshin would be if they were. They're mainly popular just because of the crazy high quality gacha.
Trails is so unknown because they aren't these things and unfortunately that doesn't sell. But these are far better games in my eyes. It's a sad reality...

HomoLuden140d ago

Surprisingly, I am loving the game. It has such an emphasis on story and world that it feels like a true jrpg through and through!

aws04140d ago

Well, the game is basically Trails but it's kinda hilarious that has a worse combat and customize mechanics than trails in the sky that came out roughly 20 years ago.


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Kaii40m ago

I didn't mind Genshin, I returned every so often to do the free events/games (with a multiplayer aspect).
But I also limit my spending and only spew resources on units that powerhouse at c3/6.

What was annoying In Genshin for me was the amount of dialogue, holy fudgeballs.


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What we call "destiny" is neither visible nor tangible.You had many choices, but everything led you here...