Final Fantasy's Strongest Canonical Magic User Is... Donald Duck?

Final Fantasy features many strong characters, but an unlikely character from Kingdom Hearts is able to cast ​the most powerful spell ever seen

gold_drake144d ago

that was pretty amazing, not gonna lie, i might have shed a tear or too, just cause of pure awesomeness.

he was already my favourite disney character and one of my favs from KH and then to see that amazing spell too. aah so good xD


Final Fantasy's strongest magic user is Donald Duck, who never appears in a final fantasy game.


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nitus1091d ago (Edited 91d ago )

In FF12 you can use 1) Turn Based Combat, 2) Active Turn Based Combat which is coumpled with the Gambit System.

Basically the "Gambit System" uses fairly simple Boolean algebra (upto 12 levels) that allows the player to configure each character (as explained in the article) when you choose "active turn-based combat" which is excelent when fighting hordes of enemies, however you can instantly switch to turn-based combat when confronting a tougher enemy or a Boss.

Yes you can play the game using turn-based combat only but the sheer number of enemies would be a massive turn off for some (probally many) players.

IMOH I find that turning off the "targeting lines" well worth doing as soon as possible. Personally I find them anoying.

I_am_Batman91d ago

Drawing spells in FF VIII is one of the most overstated non-issues in the entire franchise. If you put battle speed on fast and understand that you don't need 3x 99 spells of everything available to draw early on, you won't spend much time grinding for spells at all. Learning card mod and magic refinement early will give you most of what you need.

I also don't understand the hate for the card games. I've always thought they were some of the best minigames available in the franchise, especially in the case of Triple Triad.

And saying there is no strategy behind the combat system of XIII seems strange to me as well. Granted, It takes a while until the game actually gets challenging, but once you've progressed far enough and unlocked most of the roles you won't get far just by spamming auto-battle without understanding how to use paradigms effectively. I will say that XIII-2 refined the combat and also did a better job at challenging the player, but most of the core principles were already established in XIII.


Final Fantasy XVI Has Finally Given Donald Duck A Worthy Opponent

For a long time, it's been widely accepted amongst Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts fans that Donald Duck is the most powerful mage ever to exist, mainly due to his use of the stupidly powerful Zettaflare spell towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. This spell is one step up from Teraflare, a spell which was used in Final Fantasy XIV that was so powerful that it completely wiped out the base game, giving the developers a canonical reason to let them bin everything and start again from scratch.

Now you're armed with this information, you can see how it was pretty surprising for Donald Duck of all characters to bust out Zettaflare and establish himself as the most powerful character in Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts lore. However, now that Final Fantasy XVI has arrived and delivered a whole new cast of characters, a new challenger has arrived to provide Donald with some much needed competition.

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