EA May Never Replicate the Magic of Need For Speed Underground 2

Discover why EA's latest racers may fall short of capturing the captivating experience of Need for Speed Underground 2.

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sadraiden143d ago

20 years later: Why is game not like 20 year old game?

Hofstaderman143d ago

I remember those drag races gear shifts…No game has managed to recreate that since.


Need for speed underground was waaaaaayyyyy better than underground 2. Reason i didn't like it was SUV as street racer big No No for me


I am serious how can a hummer keep up with a supra or Rx7....is impossible and yes underground was better, y'all might like it because of the upgrades hooking up the cars but to me it was all about the drag racing,

JEECE143d ago

Everyone loves to hate on the concept of "live service" games, but if EA released a PS2-era style Need for Speed today as a standalone game, people would immediately start whining about the lack of support. It would be "it's been three months, where are the new cars? Where are the new tracks? Why would they release this game and just abandon it? They sent it out to die."

People hate the terms "live service" and "games as a service" but they also react negatively to any multiplayer games that aren't a live service.

Flawlessmic143d ago

Not me, I'm the definition of a 1 and done type with games, I prefer single player games which means I like to move on to the next big single player game.

Give me a solid career/campaign mode and I'm happy.

JEECE142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Well, there are people like you of course who like single player games. Obviously those can still be super successful (GOW: Ragnorak, Hogwarts Legacy, etc). What I'm saying is that any game with a multiplayer component, as any racer at this point will, is going to get attacked for not having a live service with a constant churn of new updates.

I'm against this, by the way. I love fully single player games, and I also prefer a multiplayer that is more static. I'd rather have an early 2000s style shooter where the online mode is the same maps forever, there isn't any progression system/microtransactions, and you just play because the game is fun. I just recognize that I'm in the minority on that.

BlaqMagiq1143d ago

Or Underground 1. Or Most Wanted 2005. UG1&2 and MW2005 was the holy trinity of peak NFS for me.

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Need for Speed Underground 2 remake in Unreal Engine 5 looks fantastic

Need for Speed Underground 2 is a beloved entry in the racing franchise. Now there's a fan-made Need for Speed Underground 2 remake in UE5.

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Wretchedstain297d ago

Perfect, looking forward to this.

Dwarrior297d ago

Member when NFS games had more than just shit-hop?

I member.

abstractel297d ago

Nostalgia is a powerful influencer...

EazyC297d ago

Damn. EA were insane for not doing this themselves ages ago. I think this is literally exactly what tons of NFS fans wanted. An EXACT remaster of NFSU 2. Nothing added, just the pure game but nicer looking.

DarXyde297d ago

EA and Activision are weird companies.

They're at the top, and when they make changes, they're usually awful. When they keep things the same, they need to change. They haven't really figured out what works and what doesn't.

roadkillers297d ago

I want the original underground… To the window! To the walls!

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Someone is remaking Need for Speed Underground 2 in Unreal Engine 4

Ivan Novozhilov is currently remaking Need for Speed Underground 2 in Unreal Engine 4 and here is a video featuring 10 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

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507d ago
annoyedgamer506d ago

I want to see those racing babes in UE4.