Octopath Traveler II devs not ready to commit to Octopath Traveler III

Octopath Traveler II team briefly comments on the possibility of Octopath Traveler III and the decision to pursue evolution for the sequel.

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shammgod137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Can’t wait to see how they expand on OT.

I think this can end up being a huge franchise for Square, but feel like they need to make some advancements in the next game. Both 1 and 2 were fantastic

Michiel1989137d ago

I really enjoyed 2, but it really felt like OT 1.5 and not like OT 2. I was quite disappointed with how samey it was.

Nebaku137d ago

Probably because 2 sold like sh*t.

It's funny, I remember being downvoted here for saying that HD2D was the draw, not Octopath itself. And that when better rpg's used the style, Octopath's blandness would become apparent.

And here we are, proving that true.

jznrpg137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Sometimes good games don’t sell well. It came out when a lot of games were out and it’s already niche because of graphics and turn based style.

Nebaku137d ago

It's niche because of the graphics that are designed to make it appealing FOR modern audiences?

NitendoPowa137d ago

I think the game price point is the reason for the sluggish sales should be 39.99 instead of 59.99 since the pixel graphics RPG games is kinda niche. It wasn't gonna sale well anyway but it would've sold better at a lower price

CrimsonWing69136d ago

that sucks... I get it, when games don't sell this is what happens, but man I liked this series.


Octopath Traveler II shipments and digital sales top one million

Total shipments and digital sales for Octopath Traveler II have surpassed one million units worldwide, publisher Square Enix and developer Acquire announced.

shinoff2183106d ago

Good to hear. Would liked to have seen more sold but I'm just as guilty. Will buy but 50 is a bit to much for me without having played the first one. Say what you will I'm just like that. While I did try it on gamepass I never dug deep. Held out hoping for a ps version then it just kinda got lost

TheColbertinator105d ago

Fantastic. Square should continually to support this franchise.


Octopath Traveler II Characters Ranked

WTMG's Baylen Marston: "An in-depth look at the cast of characters in Octopath Traveler II."

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Announcing the PS Store Download Ranking for March 2023 - Resident Evil 4 is #1 on PS5 and PS4

PS Blog Japan: "March 2023 Download Ranking Announced on PlayStation®Store! Here are five rankings for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR2, PlayStation®VR, and free-to-play titles. The US/Canada monthly rankings are also posted, so please check them out as well. "Resident Evil RE: 4" is number one in the PS5 download ranking for March 2023. The second place is "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty". And the third place was "Monster Hunter Rise". "Resident Evil RE: 4" is No. 1 on PS4. And “Monster Hunter Rise” came in second. "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" ranked third, and although the second and third places were switched, the top three titles were the same as PS5."

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Nyxus163d ago

Atelier Ryza 3 and Octopath Traveler 2 are also in the top 10.

IamTylerDurden1163d ago

These are the JP downloads i assume.

Nyxus163d ago

They also have the US/Canada charts.