Next-Gen Console Watch: Tech Issues Are Plaguing Next-Gen Games

IGN : In this week's monster-sized episode of Next-Gen Console Watch, Daemon is joined by the usual crew of Ryan McCaffrey, host of IGN’s Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked, and Max Scoville, host of IGN's PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond, along with IGN's publisher, John Davison. This week's topic: are modern games releasing buggier than previous generations? And what's the outlook for upcoming AAA games like Diablo IV and Starfield?

GotGame818384d ago

Going into the 3rd year these are not "next gen games". Also PC is already ahead of Series X and PS5.

Ashunderfire86383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

So Ratchet Clank Rift Apart for PS5 that is a technological masterpiece aint next gen? There are games on both consoles, that just can’t be played on last gen consoles. Even a game like A Plague Tale Requiem with all those Rats on screen show off the power of PS5 and Series X.

Of course PC is ahead of both consoles, because you can upgrade Duhhh🤔 But most of those PC games are ports of PS5 and Series X games with no gameplay differences, and PC for a long time with Batman Arkham Knight for example, was plagued with glitches and bugs, so what’s your point? It is still going on today for PC! Don’t get me started on Last of Us Remake!

Fall 2023 and Beyond with Spiderman 2 and Alan Wake 2 will remedy the issue.

antikbaka383d ago

R&C isn't any masterpiece.

Titanfall did it better

neutralgamer1992383d ago


Ratchet and Clank is like playing a Pixar movie. You can’t deny that and I really like TF2 too

Viljong383d ago

Most pc gamers game well below the next gen console standards and the ones who invest heavy into pc gaming get next to none attention or returns for thei investment. What pc get is usually the most bugged and least polished version of a game.

Ashunderfire86383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

That's what I been saying, but the vocal PC minority here give me disagrees for speaking the truth! As a PC gamer I would have been outraged by game publishers treating PC gaming like second class, by having outsource developers doing a shitty port like Last Of Us Remake for example! I am not waiting 3 years for that no thanks!!! If I am going to buy the PC version of any game, I got to see the developer's history on PC. I made a great decision and bought Doom and Doom Eternal on PC, because those developers for that game had a great track record of PC ports!

But I am a console gamer first before PC, because console are straight to point with no overhead you get from PC. Plus PS5 and Series X are both consoles with a PC gaming experience for the most part. Most of the games on a 4K or Supersampling 1080P screen, look butter smoother than any older 4K game before! The games look even better on a Smart TV with VRR enabled. If I want to get Final Fantasy 16 I am not going to wait 1 to 2 years playing it on PC. Nope! I am going to play it on my PS5, and it will be the same for Spiderman 2! Why wait when its available now? What Insomniac did with the amazing Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart, they will do that with Spiderman 2! You will see the 4K 40FPS on VRR TVs, the 1080P or 1440P 120FPS as well! Plus Insomniac so far has the best looking open world and PS5 game ever made!

Babadook7382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

“Also PC is already ahead of Series X and PS5.”

Ey. Not really.

EvertonFC383d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheEnigma313383d ago

Must mean the series s. And btw, we are in current gen not next.

Terry_B383d ago

current gen..since 2,5 years already.

Aussiesummer383d ago

Ratchet and clank, horizon fw and bs, returnal were all great next gen games with no issues......notice a trend there...

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Tapani2d ago

Is Diablo IV worth it for the Single-Player experience today? I understand it has got many patches and improvements.

Daeloki2d ago

I honestly don't know what they could have changed/patched to make the game enjoyable since last summer. I played the campaign a bit past act 1 with a friend and it just becomes incredibly boring and repetitive. I uninstalled shortly after and haven't looked back. However, with me it may just be a case of that it's not my kind of game. I just didn't enjoy the endless cycle of going into a dungeon, collect loot, teleport to town, sell/dismantle, teleport back to dungeon, collect loot, teleport to town, sell/dismantle... rinse and repeat. That cycle was about 80% of the game back then, completely drowning out the story for me. If there is a demo, or you have a chance to test a friends copy then I'd recommend that before spending any money on it.

Kosic2d ago

I loved D3 and would play a season for weeks.
D4 came out I reached level 60 ish and grew bored, I tried again in S1 and got to the same level and quit. I heard about the loot revamp, and briefly tried season 3 before jumping into the new season.
The game is better because it's easier to feel this progression smoothly increase, without hitting such a large road block, but I am level 61 and in Torment 4, and again I just don't feel the urge to continue.

I found a lack of direction of what to do, the thing that puts me off is the bland world, hell-tides are rather boring. Kill a non stop spawn of demons and summon a boss...

If you can get it for cheap, give it a try, or do a Gamepass trial and play it there.