PlayStation: Our live-service games will target different genres, release schedules and audiences

Gamesindustry.biz : "We talk to PlayStation, Firewalk and ProbablyMonsters on Sony’s latest live-service studio acquisition"

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Vengeance1138149d ago

All very obvious, did anyone expect otherwise? 10 live service games in the same genre targeting same audience? I don't think so.

Sonic1881149d ago

I think it's a good idea for them to do that.

S2Killinit149d ago

Yeah I like that they are doing it this way. It is to be expected, but Im curious what each will be like.

neutralgamer1992149d ago

Please do a game like MAG which now would do better and technology is there to back it up

Warzone in kill zone 2 and 8 player co-op in resistance were so much fun to play. Please don’t chase the trends and actually innovate

P_Bomb149d ago

Agreed! Great examples.

Godmars290148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

As someone ot following live service games, who does that? What one company would offer several subscription titles of the same type within the same genre?

GoodGuy09149d ago

Please do it right Sony. So many do it so horribly wrong.

CrimsonWing69149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

What's the right way to do a GaaS game, an MMORPG? Fortnite? Overwatch?

Christopher149d ago

Cosmetics-only purchases w/Seasons for new cosmetic content. Main game and general content access, including new characters, are otherwise left open without limitation or possibility for increased access through real-world cash for individual accounts.

sinspirit149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Continuous updates and with content that is genuinely good while not drip feeding and overpromising. Well priced content that feels like an addition rather than cut from the overall package. One thing I find pesky is like OverWatch 2. They release it and suddenly there are tons of exclusive paywalled items while they basically ditched OverWatch 1 for its last year in good cosmetic items. The base game should offer some already awesome things and not feel lacking in comparison. That's just a few things.

I don't mind throwing a few bucks at nice luxuries now and then but there is a way devs do it that gets to be too much. Too much all at once, too little to be worth the money, and the base prices of everything goes up with it. And, it makes you feel lack of a reward from from sinply playing and earning it from your skill/time.

CrimsonWing69149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


I'll be interested to see what Sony puts out. You're expecting multiple GaaS games to survive off cosmetics-only purchases and multiple Seasons for only cosmetic content? Isn't the point of a GaaS game to bring in a continuous revenue stream? If it's just cosmetics how is that going to be successful?

The entire freaking point of GaaS design is to monetize a game so much that daily it should be brining in money from whale-ass gamers. It's extremely difficult to get into because the popular ones stay popular while nobody cares about newer IPs.

How many GaaS games fail to those that are a success?

Sony, isn't just trying their hand at 1 or 2, they have 10 in development. It's disgusting to me. Not just Sony, but this industry has seen what mobile game revenue is like and are trying everything they can to try to merge that model with console/PC gaming.

If, by some miracle, these 10 games are just as dense and "complete" feeling as a traditional game where they continuously give us expansions on par with Witcher 3's and don't spam us with monetization, I'll be fully supportive.

Let's be real though, can you give me 10 GaaS games that have done this?

Christopher149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

***You're expecting multiple GaaS games to survive off cosmetics-only purchases and multiple Seasons for only cosmetic content? Isn't the point of a GaaS game to bring in a continuous revenue stream? If it's just cosmetics how is that going to be successful?***

I mean, it works for Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2 (though you might have to play for 20 hours to unlock a new character).

People buy cosmetics only stuff a ton in current GaaS models. Heck, F2P MMOs sell almost entirely cosmetic only things.

People like to have different looks to show off in game. Some work through the season challenges and what-not to unlock them, but a lot of people just buy them.

Now, on mobile, you absolutely have the whale system of design. It's 100% pay-to-win. But, that doesn't work on consoles or PC games as well. And I assume this discussion isn't about mobile games but about PC/console games.

I 100% agree that there could be too many GaaS games and some will fail. But, it's possible to have success with 2 out of 10 and still make big money in the end. It's also possible to diversify the gameplay to meet the GaaS desires for specific markets, from the genre (fantasy vs sci-fi vs superhero vs modern) to the gameplay (fps, tps, rts, hack and slash).

DashMad148d ago

you're expecting Cosmetic-only when they own FGO one of the most predatory gacha ? finger crossed Sony would do that.

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thesoftware730149d ago

I am a fan of "Live service games."

I said it before, if anyone can make a good one, Sony can.

Eonjay149d ago

Agree they probably can. I think that one of their biggest advantages is being late to the party meaning they have a wealth of content to look at and see what works and what doesn't work.

thesoftware730149d ago

Agreed, and with the the amount of polish that their devs put into their SP games, im interested, and hoping it's on display with the live service games.

Asplundh149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Same. Sony has mainly focused on big single player games for awhile now and there's nothing wrong with that, but I prefer online multi-player games. I'll buy a PS5 for these if some of them end up being decent.

-Foxtrot149d ago

If and I said IF they are generic GaaS shit I better not see anyone on here being hypocritical and defend Sony

If they are shit, say it and speak up otherwise it will just get worse.

StarkR3ality149d ago

This is the problem I'm seeing already, if this was any other company planning 10 GaaS they would be torn to shreds. Sony? No go right ahead fuck your brand up.

I already find it hypocritical that people are asking for them from Sony when the same people have been saying this shit has become a tumour in gaming, until their favourite company does it obviously.

onisama148d ago

Oh so im not the only one aware of the double standard controlling sony fans those days

CrimsonWing69149d ago

I hate this is the direction we are going in.

Make no mistake, this is them throwing as much at the wall hoping something will stick like Genshin Impact. How many of these damn GaaS games can you do? You spread them out, who the f*ck is going to dump money into every single one.

I'd rather you focus on making AAA traditional type games.

Such a waste.

Vengeance1138149d ago

Why would 1 user dump money into all of them? That's the whole point as to why they will be in greatly varying genres targeting very different audiences.

Live service is also one of the hardest genres to crack, you almost have to make a ton throwing everything at the wall in order to get a success as there is no "correct approach" to getting a hit. You make a game hope to God it does well and see if it takes. Did Genshin Impact devs know what they had on their hands? Not a chance, in fact Genshin got destroyed at launch from fans for being a Zelda BOTW clone / ripoff.