Nintendo developer talks about the graphical effects in Bowser's Fury

Nintendo developer Shuhei Sugimoto talks about the creation of the effects used in Bowser's Fury on Switch.

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gold_drake156d ago

now imagine what they could bave done with better tech.


The Short Length of 'Bowser's Fury' Is To Its Benefit

This runtime starkly contrasts with other 3D Mario outings, which typically take over 10 hours to complete for the average player.

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GameByte Review: Bowser's Fury (Switch)

Bowser’s Fury feels like an amazing tech demo but struggles to stand on its own compared to other Mario games.

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Nintendo Should Adapt Bowser's Fury Style for Next Big Mario Game

Mario will continue to be as strong as he’s ever been if his next full game is like Bowser’s Fury. The sheer amount of interesting ideas and innovations within it is actually kind of incredible considering that it’s basically just an extra for an old Wii U game. Actually, it would be excellent even if it wasn’t an add-on, and hopefully Nintendo has something exactly like that in the works. Truly, a full-fledged Mario game in this style would be awesome!

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