Sony confirms more PC ports are coming, because it's making a ton of money

Sony reaffirmed that it will continue to release first-party games on PC, and it's not hard to see why.

kenpachi148d ago

"because it's making a ton of money"

not likely most ps games on pc break past 1 million number they spend more money fixing shody ports like tlou on pc

"It's impossible to say exactly how much of the jump can be attributed directly to PC game sales" or the fact ps5 consoles or more in stock now than before

GotGame818148d ago

A lot of gamers prefer PC. For one upgrades come out far more often than consoles. Playstation, and Nintendo consoles do not have mod communities either. Xbox does, but it isn't as large as, on PC.

Number1TailzFan148d ago

Keyboard and mouse IMO is almost essential for certain games as well, like RTS, management/builder style games, and of course FPS.

ManMarmalade148d ago

I like using my PC to play snes and ps1 games haha

VariantAEC148d ago

If that were true most gamers would be on PC primarily...

But they aren't!

darthv72148d ago

So far the ones they have released work pretty good on steamdeck. Im not going to complain if they keep that trend going.

Yui_Suzumiya147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I only use my laptop for eroge (18+ visual novels) and everything else is on my Switch OLED. FPS, RPG, horror and visual novels.

MADGameR147d ago

Yea but if you are the average PC gamer that's got a rig that is only going to run those PS5 games at 1080p 120FPS, it is a waste of money to settle for an average PC.

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oIMyersIo148d ago

Official PlayStation PC Sales Numbers Revealed by Sony (2022)

Horizon Zero Dawn
• 2.39m
• $60 Million in Revenue

Days Gone
• 852k
• $22.7 Million in Revenue

God of War
• 971k
• $26.2 Million in Revenue

Kind of blows your “not likely most ps games on pc break 1 million” out of the water there.

Minute Man 721148d ago

You think GOW would have sold more

Machina148d ago

The GoW figure was revealed less than two months after it launched, which is why it seems low in comparison.

Days Gone was 10 months of sales, and Horizon was 17 months.

Philaroni147d ago

Did Returnal numbers every get posted? I feel that type of game would really appeal to the PC player. Bullet hell games and such are very popular on PC. They don't sell too much in the first place but then again they don't cost $300 million to make.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

If they didn't make money they wouldn't continue. Simmer on that logic Columbo..

IamTylerDurden1148d ago

Or investigate it. Columbo, u know, Columbo...

jukins148d ago

Its not that the games sell particularly spectacular its just that the ROI is incredibly high since most of the workcis already done. For example horizon had over a 360% ROI when it debuted on pc

ShoryuSwordsman148d ago

It's not that crazy, they're just porting a game and getting mostly profit, because they don't have to spend anything on actually creating a game. It's like being able to profit off of a ten year old movie, just by releasing it in theaters overseas. So of course they would, but I think that trend will only be lucrative to them for games already made.

TheCaptainKuchiki148d ago

1 million extra sales bring them ton of money yes.
The cost of porting and fixing bugs is definitely lower than the revenue brought from PC ports.
Remember that those games already broke even on PS. It's just bonus money for them.

Philaroni147d ago

"not likely most ps games on pc break past 1 million number they spend more money fixing shody ports like tlou on pc"

To be honest I'm not disagreeing with you on the TLOU port, that was done by the same guys that did the Batman PC port and that was kind of shit too, thing is Sony has a great track record of updating and fixing things on PC the best they can as fast as they can, I play on an ultra wide and thus far there games on PC have supported it very well.

Reality is, PC games as of late have been utter shit this year and for a while. Unless its a PC only type of game. The down trend in PC quality of games that are made for PS5 and Xbox first is kind of logical, PC does not make the kind of gaming $$$ it use too. Driver support and accounting for all the different hardware configurations alone is a mess. Hell it too Microsoft forever to fix 'ish' Halo MCC and the latest one on PC. This has always been the case with PC games, very rare does anything come out on PC that works perfectly with out issues, something as simple as one background application could mess things up, they can't force you to update drivers and have to develop things on a wildcard like environment. Though like others here have said, Mods on PC and such and the ability if you have the know how to fix things on your own and improve it is where PC really shines.

To be a real PC gamer you have to put in some work of your own, that is hard if not impossible for many who are not in the tech field to do, thus why all the cash for these places come from consoles first.

I am curious though to those of you here that maybe have AMD cards. Since both Sony and MS use AMD chips and drivers, I'd assume just by the nature from that to PC if you have the same hardware. "Both CPU and GPU" that there might be less issues. I'm on Intel and Nvidia still, and things work rather fine but its older more proven hardware... my other rig is Intel with an AMD GPU and there has been some weird cluster fuckery at times even thought that rig is more powerful on paper.

Just my 2 cents.

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bleedsoe9mm148d ago

Day and date just a matter of time

tay8701148d ago

Eh, I don't no man, That's alot of extra work for each studio. If it does ever happen, it won't be for quite some time.

UltimateRacer148d ago

Day and Date won’t happen except for Live Service that need a big player base to survive. Single player will remain on PlayStation first then be ported a year/ 2 years later or maybe never.

Imalwaysright148d ago

If third party devs can do it for 3 platforms I don't see any reason as to why Sony's 1st party devs can't do it for 2 platforms.

DarkZane148d ago

@bleedsoe9mm It won't happen, you will have to wait 2-3 years for a game to be ported and not all of them will be ported either.

Crows90148d ago

Except horizon fw was 1 year.

DarkZane148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

@Crows90 I don't know what you're talking about, Horizon Zero Dawn came out on PS4 in 2017 and on PC in 2020, that's 3 years in between.

Horizon Forbidden West came out in 2022 and a year later, it hasn't come out on PC and there is absolutely no sign it's coming out soon. In fact, a PC release hasn't been announced at all yet. You will probably need to wait another year for a PC release at least, but it's likely going to be 2 years.

TheCaptainKuchiki148d ago

@Crows90 you people need to check your facts before you even start typing anything. Smh

Aloymetal148d ago

And still most PS gamers wouldn't bat an eyelid, haven't you seen the record numbers of PS consoles sales on a global scale even tho a bunch of Sony 1st party exclusives are on PC right now???

IamTylerDurden1148d ago

The XB rally cry going on how many years now? A scare tactic to devalue the PS hardware. The only day n date in the forseeable future will be service games, primarily f2p.